The Imaginings of I Am

The Imaginings of I Am

Contributed by Deborah M.

Deep down, in each of us, did we not already know that we had this power all along? If so, why do we continue to look outside of ourselves for the answers? 

My journey with Neville has been going on for eight months now, and along the way, I have turned to the left and right seeking quick answers outside of me. Still, I return to the teachings of Neville, who vehemently preaches ‘I AM’. 

At the start of my journey, for me to even accept the truth that ‘I am God’ was preposterous, blasphemy in fact. Then, I had to decide, as to what Neville advocates, is to test it out and know for oneself. What did I have to lose? 

Since then, I have freedom from severe seafood allergies, additional income, and even a gold bar! More importantly, I have joy when I awake and peace when I sleep. The icing on the cake is a wonderful committee of mentors and friends who are passionate regarding this truth. Passionate to live it and share it with the world.

So how did I go about it? I have studied almost every spiritual teaching available, but I just kept hitting the wall. Where is my breakthrough? Like once and for all, where is it? I had to decide. Just like the YouTube Challenges one sees on getting their body in shape and such, I committed to practising the teachings of Neville Goddard - The I AM, for a month. It can be daunting at first, with all the information one can get off the internet. Where should I even begin and what if I get this all wrong?

One thing I know for certain that works, is accountability. So, with what little I understood of Imagination at that time, I just felt how wonderful it was to have the best coach on this subject matter and who is incredibly supportive and kind. In that very same week, I found an incredible mentor, and there was an instant inspiration for me to be coached by her. Yes, having a coach has given me the understanding and the support to continue with the wonderful truth - I AM. 

The next best thing for me, which I did, was to have a routine in practising this. It was recommended to write a list of 10 to 20 items or so of what I desired and once written, consider it done. I only wrote 3. I was too afraid of the "What if this doesn’t happen? Another disappointment." I wrote the first desire which I felt believable for me: Free Food. I would like to say that nearly every single day, I have been receiving free food to date. My second desire was to have more clients without me advertising, and yes, friends in the same industry would just contact me asking to take over their new clients for them. My third, was the freedom to eat seafood, specifically prawns. This to me was major, and yes, I eat seafood every week now, to my heart’s content. 

The third practice was to fall asleep at night feeling how wonderful life is. This was tough, at that time. I felt fake. What did I do? Well back to my commitment, I said I was going to put this to the test, right? I would read, each night before sleeping, Neville’s book: ‘The Law and The Promise’ and for whatever reason, this quote resonated deeply with me, ‘Be still and know that I AM God’ (Psalm 46, NKJV, Bible). It calmed me down and I felt like I was floating, an expansive feeling. What did this do for me? An indescribable feeling, a sudden deep burst of feelings in my heart that brought tears to my eyes. Yes. I am finally home. I felt like I finally knew who I am. Not the name I have attached myself to, neither the body nor even race and religion nor past situations. 

With newfound zeal, I dove even deeper into Neville’s teachings, reading and listening to his lectures and to other wonderful practitioners of this truth. This is the fourth practice, dive deep into it! In the past few months, I have had two wonderful coaches, attended online workshops, and most importantly, kept on reading Neville's works and making notes too. 

All this has helped me to gain clarity and more than that, it is helping me to enjoy life freely. This, I wish the same for you too, my God- Friend. 

Here are the methods I used in my imagination which resulted in having me believe that this truth simply works.

Food Allergies*

For 25 years, I had a severe allergy to shellfish, and there was a time it resulted in a throat constriction. I imagined filling up a form about myself, and when it came to a favourite food, I listed prawns. I did this daily for a few days, and each time I felt happier and happier as it became more acceptable to me. Two weeks from that time, I was given a dish with prawns in it and I felt just enough peace to eat it. Guess what? Only a little itchiness. That night, I continued with the same imagination for a few more days. The following week, I tried again, and all was good. From that time, I began testing out various seafood: clams, cuttlefish, oysters, and I had great success. It has come to a point that I cannot even remember that I had such allergies. 

*The information contained in this topic is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only.

More Clients

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Movement Control Restriction was mandatory, and I, as a part-time educator was naturally concerned regarding income. Again, I put it to the test, imagining myself telling my friends that I had a wonderful time at home and my finances were not hit. In fact, I made more. I went to sleep with the feeling of certainty, the deep satisfaction of it. I am happy to share that it was a restful period and I still had students and it has increased by 20 students recently.

Gold Bar

For me, a desire for wealth is to have gold bars. I would imagine being in the bank depositing it. I did this a few times only as I did not feel it as real. After my confidence in Neville’s teachings increased, I decided to put this desire to the test. I would imagine holding a gold bar in my hand. I actually did this while in the shower, daily. No rule said I cannot. So, for a week, I did this. Soon, It became easier and more believable. My feelings went from, ‘Hmm, let’s see’ to ‘Yes... I am so happy’ and finally to ‘Ah… okay, I have gold’. At this point, I felt like it was nothing new for me to have gold. This is when I stopped imagining. A week later, I was invited for tea at the home of an ex-student I used to tutor for many years. He had just returned from overseas for the lockdown purpose. The mother came up to me and presented a red velvet box with the gold bar in it as a token of appreciation. I held it and to my utter amazement, I was not surprised. It felt like it was the most natural thing in the word for me to receive.

So, tell me, does this teaching of ‘I AM’ work? Well, my God-Friend, put it to the test and experience it for yourself. 

“Be still and know that you are God."

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I am "Deborah M", an educator who believes in waking up in joy and sleeping in peace. I enjoy journaling while eating seafood at my favourite Sunset bar. A writer and cheerleader of all things wonderful in life, I have only just begun as ‘I AM’ and would like for all to be on their journey as well. Join me in, “The Imaginings of I AM”.