States of Love

Step Into Love, Health, and Wealth, Right Now.

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DISSATISFACTION is a clue and catalyst to finding the true you. And, it can help you step into states aligned with your core values. Love? Health? Wealth? Yes, they're all yours.  

Let me ask you a question...

Are you ready to fly higher, glide into your ideal states, and take control of the amazing, infinite, all-powerful manifestor you are?  

In this fast-paced, no-fluff class (based on practical, real-life experience, not "theory"), you won’t hear the same-old advice being passed around the internet. And I’m not going to tell you to “persist and live in the wish fulfilled” of your ideal state. 

Sure, that can be an effective approach (sometimes).

But let’s be honest... 

It’s not what most people want to hear when they’re doing the best they can just to hang on and make their “life” work. There has to be a better way. And there is. 

I’ll show you step-by-step how to turn general and generic tactics into a life-altering strategy, one for living in your most desired states. Not “down the road”, sometime in the future, but right NOW.

Open yourself up to discovering an extraordinary you using easy, tested, and proven methods, the same ones I use to switch states on a dime (meaning “immediately”) to create happiness and richness in my life. 

You can, too. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t take weeks or years of practice. And you’ll finally "FREE " yourself to live a deliberate, passionate life, one filled with meaningful experiences and lots of fun!  

Are you ready to...

Flaunt magnetism and lose doubt, despair, and distress.

Replace fear, uncertainty, and the need to control by wisely investing your imagination. 

Elevate your relationship with everyday life experiences and bring on the bliss (YES, even with “that" guy...or girl). 

Emanate a secure self-concept, forget identity comparison traps, toss out perfectionism, and totally let go of the victim mindset. 

Set yourself FREE. It’s time to give your ideal states a clear and resounding voice! Enter and exit your preferred states at will. All it takes is a decision and your (limitless and wonderful) imagination. Join me in this two-hour ride to changing everyday, ho-hum life experiences into joy-filled,  "soul-FULL" adventures! 


A basic Knowledge of Neville Goddard’s teachings (go here to read the Quick-Start Guide).

  • Pen and paper 
  • Some doughnuts to share (lol...joking, of course)
  • An enthusiastic YOU

With this class, you’ll receive the full-session recording, a special 25-min bonus video, and a 20-page outline of key concepts with a Q&A section. 

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Required disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for medical and professional advice and does not guarantee results. 

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About Anilaja (Anila) Reddy

Doctor, lifestyle manifestation coach, podcaster, blog author, and the author of Daughter of the Wind (available on Amazon Kindle), Anila is a passionate student and teacher, and the creator of the Imagining Creates Reality Quick Start Guide. She revels in exploring life from her inner self (i.e., GOD) while intermittently binging on cheesecake, chocolate, and Lay's potato chips. Anila loves sharing her non-duality, deliberate creator lifestyle and perspectives with those she meets and watching them wake up to a new understanding of who they truly are, which is simply a reflection of her own expansion.