HEARTS: Live and Love Boldly

with Anila Reddy 

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MANIFESTING LOVE in life is no different than manifesting anything else, even though it can sometimes seem elusive. But this is just a story we've told ourselves! The wonderful truth is you can have it all, everything, and you're meant to!


It starts with (our) H.E.A.R.T.S.  

H - Happiness is based on one primary thing: a positive concept of self. Discover how to shift in ways that make your world magical.  

E - Enter your preferred state, one of a loving, compassionate, confident person (or any other desired state) easily, quickly, and at will. 

A - Attain oneness with everyone you meet (and those you think about). As Neville states, “Everyone is you pushed out”, and I’ll share my favorite techniques for feeling instantly connected to the people in your life.  

R - Regulate who appears in (or disappears from) your life…as you wish. 

T - Transform into your ideal version of you, not just momentarily, but forever. Yes, we’re constantly changing states, but we have a “dwelling” place, one we return to time after time. Make sure yours is where you want to live. 

S - Simplify and supercharge your imaginal acts. Learn this to bring your manifesting abilities to new heights. 

Are you ready to live and love boldly?

Then join me for a fun and insightful two-hour journey where I’ll share my personal experience with Neville’s teachings, their practical application, and what I’ve done to change (and continue to change) my life in ways I never expected. Yes, you can live the rich life you deserve to live. Live boldly and love boldly...starting right now!


• A basic Knowledge of Neville Goddard’s teachings (go here to read the Quick-Start Guide).

• Pen and paper. 

•  Some doughnuts to share (lol...joking, of course).

•  An enthusiastic YOU. 

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Required disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for medical and professional advice and does not guarantee results. 

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About Anilaja (Anila) Reddy

Doctor, lifestyle manifestation coach, podcaster, blog author, and the author of Daughter of the Wind (available on Amazon Kindle), Anila is a passionate Neville Goddard student and teacher, and the creator of the Imagining Creates Reality Quick Start Guide. She revels in exploring life from her inner self (i.e., GOD) while intermittently binging on cheesecake, chocolate, and Lay's potato chips. Anila loves sharing her Neville-ized lifestyle and perspective with those she meets and watching them wake-up to a new understanding of who they truly are, which is simply a reflection of her own expansion.