Have You Ever Imagined...

What might happen if, starting with you, everyone on our planet knew how to get exactly what they want:

Health, wealth,  happiness, loving relationships, a fulfilling career...

Freedom (in the grandest sense of the word)?

Or anything else.

And what might happen if each one of us really believed there are no (as in zero) limits to anything? 

Do you think there'd ever be an argument over who gets what?

Would anyone fight about money or property or control over "stuff"?

Would there be crime?

Would there ever be a motive for war?

Maybe; maybe not. Here's why:

If you could have and I could have and we all could have whatever we desire, and we knew (without a doubt) that each of us has the power to manifest whatever it is we want...

What would be the point of fighting, stealing, or "wars?

Seriously, there'd be no point.

People would simply be confident and excited just knowing, no matter how big or small, from a glass of clean water to the Taj Mahal, and everything in-between, they could have whatever they desired...

Including states of being, such as joy, happiness, confidence, peace. And, really, aren't these what most people want? When you boil it all down, isn't this most everyone's goal?

It’s time to pull back the curtain.

It’s time to share the truth and the very good news that “scarcity” is a myth, there’s enough of everything for everyone, and...

To remind those around us about who and what they truly are. 

It’s time to let everyone know that manifesting whatever they want is just a matter of making some simple "shifts" to get them where they want to go.

Really, it’s time for a movementOne based on the universal truth that imagining is what creates our reality, scarcity of any kind isn’t real (if you don't want it to be), and all there is now, and all there's ever been is abundance.

Having it show-up every day in your life isn't a secret or complicated. It's not about having any "special" skills, or years of education or some degree, or knowing the "right" people, or having access to insider information.

It’s none of those.

It's about claiming our birthright, stepping into our power, and knowing how to manage what we think about, focus on, imagine, and feel.

Let's face it. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s one that isn't well-understood.

So, this is why we need change agents, people who (first) want to take control over how they create their lives, then to share with others how they can quickly transition from the old paradigm, the old way of thinking, to the new...

From a “scarcity” model to a “you and I can have it all” model.

You are a change agent. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. And "step one" starts with you. Next, get ready to spread the good news, because we guarantee the world will want to know what you know.

Chances are you've heard it before, but it makes sense and we'll repeat it here: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

From where you're standing right now, what changes do you want to see?  How BIG can you dream? Remember, there are no limits...

And it’s the “truth” that sets us free.

Clay Mara, Founder