Boost Your Physical Health

Boost Your Physical Health

By Anila Reddy

A few weeks ago, a searing pain rode up my left leg. I was in agony, to say the least. ‘Sciatic pain’ yelled the world of medicine.

I couldn’t bring myself to accept this effortlessly. It felt as though no technique would work to soothe myself. I was trying hard to erase the pain. Each time I experienced this pain, I forgot I was God producing this body. 

Then, came brief intervals of relief. Something changed. 

I sensed I was not my body. I certainly appreciate having epiphanies in the midst of pain. 

So, here’s what I know: My body and mind are within me, whether I consciously know this or not. I am not my emotions accompanying the body, and so I am not the pain I was feeling either. 

Allow me to remind you that you don’t stop being God just because you’re experiencing a condition.  

"Christ, who is your very self, bears all of your afflictions, your weaknesses, and sins; but this is difficult for man to understand." - Neville Goddard, Christ bears our sins.

For a while, I fell into the trap of labeling and accepting this was a chronic condition. I was living in my history and re-creating the past in my present. That indeed felt revolting.

And so I surrendered to being still.

Within a few seconds, I knew for a fact that no matter what the doctor's charts reflected, I didn't have a past medical record. After all, my medical documents only echoed my old health-related states. 

As my state of consciousness changed, my perception changed to being a consciously awake God. I was more conscious of my reactions; It felt like a win. 


What anchored within me firmly was this: I know that conditions aren't chronic until I decide they are. Am I not the meaning giver? 

The pain doesn't have to indicate an underlying emotional pressure. I am experiencing pain because I am experiencing pain. It doesn't mean anything other than understanding that I had imagined it all. 

So, questioning the origins of the illness or what areas of life it's related to is a sly way of creating circulating patterns. And patterns don't have to exist. I don't have to justify and make provisions for something I don't like. 

Removing the meaning from the event supplies plenty of room for you to occupy the stillness. As a result, the reality you once imagined doesn't have to bind you. 

Why should you accept the ignorance of your flesh and bony garment? It's inexperienced and assumes whatever you've defined as the truth. 

Nonetheless, you might find it tough to rely on your true body, your imagination. But do your best to relinquish what your physical senses are momentarily saying. Whatever you do though, don’t force or pressurize yourself to feel relief.

Having said this... 

Since I am responsible for the decisions I make, if I believe what a doctor or another has to say, I must accept it. But, if I dare to assume health, I know I am an unstoppable force, for there is no other than ‘I AM’. 

And so, your appearance in the mirror will change when you enter your conscious reality.

When you are in pain or experiencing deep sorrow, your imagination is doing the suffering. If a friend tells you he is not feeling well or is in great pain, and you tell him that his imagination – called Christ – is doing the suffering, your friend would not believe you, because he conceives Christ to be someone other than himself. - Neville Goddard, Christ bears our sins. 

It's liberating to know that my body is a part of my awareness; It's not who I am. 

I AM what is constant and permanent; I AM the consciousness within which my body projects onto the screen of space. 

In other words, my state gives birth to my physical vessel along with every comprehensible and baffling thing in my existence. So, how can scientific fractions like Genetics or your ancestry seduce you into believing them unless you embrace and accept them?

I firmly believe that you regurgitate what you feed your mind. It’s natural to have several beliefs running in the background. So, it's not that a single expectation leads to a specific health problem or manifestation. Most times, they can go unnoticed if you are mentally asleep. 

Just for a moment, imagine music playing in an elevator or a hotel reception. Often, we don't hear the music after a few seconds as it blends into the background seamlessly, making us entirely oblivious to it. 

So, what superpower do you then have? Knowing you are God allows you to subscribe to categories of realities that you enjoy consciously. As a matter of fact, positivity or negativity doesn't create your life; what you feel and accept as the finalé is what sprouts in the physical world. 

For example, symptoms ranging from a dull headache to a complex disease can manifest in your body when you entertain and dissect an emotion. Isn’t it abundantly clear to you that your unspoken emotional reactions create a real-life experience?

"Catch God in a moment of a motor element such as anger, fear, or frustration, being congratulated or congratulating, and you will know what is going to happen in your world." – Neville Goddard, Imagination fulfills itself


Here’s something to ponder:

Pain dies in the ashes of your old state, to commemorate your rebirth as a vibrant phoenix. At first, like this phoenix, you may not remember your real name. However, once you move in consciousness and shift into your new state, you can't help but announce that you're not a broken angel as you once believed.

Generally, it can feel more natural to concur with the medical concept behind physical pain, thus perpetuating more pain. What I realize is that when I experience leg pain, I identify with the pain because I am identifying myself with my body. Still, this experience doesn't have to indicate that it's been affecting my vessel for a long time. I know I can choose to extinguish every reasoning. Make friends with your physical pain. Allow yourself to hangout with it, but don’t focus on it. Observe with indifference, instead. 

Some more:

The crack in your armour is an illusion; notice it. Observe your state, but you needn’t have your attention on the pain; surrender and accept the gift of silence and health. That's the ultimate form of prayer. 

I don't have to feel like I've transformed from sickness into health. Why can't I choose to believe I was never sick? Who said I was ill? A sound emitted by a doctor? Strokes of ink on paper? Dismantle the meaning. Topple the foundation of the event, and it becomes insignificant. 

It never even happened. That’s powerful stuff.

But for God’s sake, don't be too hard on yourself, and revise at your own pace. Don't try to relax; Stillness is not something you achieve. You feel it with light attention in the present moment. 

Point Blank: A false sense of reassurance that I am God did nothing to redraft my reality. I started to wonder, 'Did I have sciatic pain, or did my body have it?' 

Entering stillness from time to time, and giving thanks to the imagination that I am, helped me turn my back on the suffering. You can do the same under any condition. 

Now, If I want to assume a position of health, how would I claim it? How would I imagine? Knowing I am healthy, what would I now be able to do? How would I see my world?

Well, detached from my physical body, I recognize that I am Consciousness. And I dress in the state of health I desire. Then the moment I move into the feeling of my wish fulfilled, the undesirable event or state I physically experience fades and rests as a distant memory. 

In the case of the sciatic pain, I imagined what it would feel like to climb the staircase at home with a light spring, implying I had soft firm-healthy feet. Within an hour or so, the pain started to die down. 

And it hasn't returned since. 

The bottom line is: Acknowledge your physical discomfort. Don’t shun away from it. You can’t accept the pain and live in the end of having a healthy body at the same time. They’re two separate events that you experience. Choose to observe the pain with an interest to know who you are. But, do so without having an ulterior motive of seeing a change in your physical aspect of consciousness. 

Be true to yourself, without having any goal: Be still for the sake of being still. Without a time limit, witness that you are bigger than all of your experience. Revise the pain gently and don't buy into a sticker stating its constancy. And so, the way you react will change to modify your reality. 

Revise each time the pain ignites, and, I assure you, there will be a period where you can't remember the last time you felt the pain. Yes, it is possible. 

If you're wondering whether or not you should give this a go, ask yourself, "What have I got to lose?" 

Worst case, you’ll attempt to find relief. Best case, you will find relief (from your discomfort).

 Anyway, here are my sober thoughts: 

Am I playing for team 3D or team imagination? I can't play for both when I know there is only one winner in every round I play. Life is the grandest game and I decide which side has the upper hand. Be it allergies, rashes, or sciatic pain; It’s up to me to examine the assumptions I have paid for.

The deal is: I pay attention to my world for the things I would not feel if my assumption of wish fulfilled were true. My consciousness holds no room for any undesirable event when I have gone all-in and make merry from my preferred state.  

Here’s another incident:

One fine day a wild allergic inflamed neck rash ensued. But, I claimed a refreshing attitude of health and it subsided the day after the said event. I didn't feel tempted to search inside a mirror for evidence of the change. I didn't check if the chronic allergic rash was any better than before nor had space to stay hopeful or scurry to the doctor demanding the next best "treatment". 

I knew the imaginal act was real as I experienced it in consciousness, and that was enough as consciousness is my only reality.

"If I want to conjure health and the doctors tell me I cannot overcome my illness and I believe them, I have made my choice and must accept the responsibility for it. But if I dare to assume health, God is proclaiming it, for he has no name other than I AM!" - Neville, A state called Moses.

Now, you know that once you've taken the responsibility of wearing a new state, your behaviour, actions and mood are by-products of it. Your state will dictate what permission slips you need to use such as workouts, diets, physiotherapy, drugs, surgery, or a visit to the doctor. 

Key point: It isn’t satanic to use medication or therapy of any sort; it does not deem you any less of a God.

Nevertheless, don't attribute your experience of healthy life to any secondary cause such as the surface treatments, no matter how many laurels your doctor holds (you can thank them of course). The fact is, you're an actor playing a role in this mask, and your role engages in all necessary activities including recruiting doctors.

To recapitulate, you are more than the sum of your physical sensations. Each state you wear will lead you somewhere new. Nurture it, and you will nourish yourself. 

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Anilaja Reddy (Anila), a doctor, a lifestyle manifestation coach and author (of a published poetry book, "Daughter of the Wind") is currently exploring all facets of life from her true inner self, GOD, while pausing intermittently to wolf down cheesecake. She desires to share this experience globally, especially with children, to help facilitate the awakening of a more joyous wholesome life within themselves. She can often be found underwater in the expanse of the present moment.