This Light is Not One That I Carry but One That I Am

This Light is Not One That I Carry but One That I Am

Contributed by Famay

As hard as it might seem for you to fully assume and embody this fact, it is nonetheless the only truth I know; your IAM is your God. It might seem as though there are other parts to this, a ladder, a series of events that seemingly level us up. There are none, none that are independent of your being. So, if you think that you need to go through a set of challenges, then it shall be that way.

I often write long posts to really parse why these teachings may be hard to embody. But I have no interest in pulling you deeper into digging out what could be perceived wrong. In the end, it only matters if it is actively causing a reaction within your being. Problems and limitations have no need of their own to be resolved; the “need” is something we create to resolve them. So, if you can let go of them without drifting through cloudy days, do it. And If you feel like they are a burden you carry actively, a hindrance to you feeling fulfilled, a rope tying you back, then it is worth addressing them.

The key here is to understand that it is not the problem you resolve, it is not something you're fixing or removing. It is that you're noticing a separation from your faith and trying to bring yourself back home to it. You're not resolving these in order to attain something, you're resolving these because they are a source of thoughts that do not suit you.

What suits you is a relentless faith in your imagination. What suits you is you seeing yourself in all your glory. What suits you is confidence and diligent persistence. What suits you is the complete freedom to choose and accept all that you desire.

The embodiment of this is not to remove a particular block or create a specific outcome. The specific outcome and shift from lack is an automatic side effect of this embodiment. Holding this truth as your only truth is actually simply who you really are. You may split yourself into two, split those ends to more ends, but the point at which it all converges will still be what is you, your IAM. And this converging point is where we truly feel at home. This converging point is where we belong.

Being still and going within is a journey to this center point—a journey we are made for. You are God experiencing yourself. When you come home to your true self, you allow your human interactions and experiences without dividing yourself into more parts. And all of your divided selves stitch back together and allow you to easily walk through your manifestation.

Your opinion of yourself is your most important viewpoint, you are infinitely greater than you think you are. – Neville Goddard

I do not mean to mystify this even more. I truly am simply making you aware of the fact that you are God of your reality. You are doing all this.  You are manifesting every step of your journey, every idea of self, every judgment of circumstances. None of these are inherent.

What is inherent is the light that you are. The love that you are. Shine your own light on the paths you prefer. And, yes, other paths exist but who cares? They can just exist!

You never attract that which you want, but always that what you are. – Neville Goddard

Knowing this will help you understand that in fact, you do not need to “carry” a mindset. These mental diets are not a means to an end but an acceptance of thoughts that actually feed who you really are. You do not feed your human self directly. You feed your Godself and, in return, the states and abundance show up to your human self. You shine your light and the shadow forms. You don't carry visualizations and methods to make things happen, you are the light and you direct it better through visuals or other methods for your own mind’s satisfaction.

So, stop trying to build a muscle to carry the weight of who you are and start engaging that weightlessness of being—this glorious sense of presence that allows experiences to flow to you! There is nothing to carry if you are the source, the light that shines upon all.

Famay is a designer, writer, plant and cat mom living in LA. She grew up in Pakistan with a lot of sufi influence and literature in her life when she moved to the US she discovered Neville's teachings which not only were easy for her to relate to because of her background but helped her understand her own lifelong relationship with her faith and sufiism. She now is working on illustrated books that help breakdown these concepts for kids and adults.

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