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If you're the type of person who likes putting your thoughts in writing, we invite you to submit an article or blog post. We're not "strict" in the conventional sense, but we do have guidelines, which go like this:

We're big Neville Goddard fans. So, if you're going to submit something, please make sure it's based on Neville's teachings. If you don't have a reference, such as a book, lecture, or supporting quote, then the article won't work. Here's why:

We really want to encourage readers to dig deeper into Neville's work on their own.

It's one thing to get somebody's take on a topic. It's another thing to read the material on your own and formulate your personal opinion. With this in mind, you might look at yourself as a guide or coach or a really good friend. We've learned that we're all here to share our perspective, not convince or sell anyone on the idea that it's right for them (even if it's right for us).

Cool? Cool.

Here are our additional guidelines:

  • All submissions must be written in English and submitted as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file (you can also submit a Google Docs file), formatted, edited, and proofread.
  • Include an appropriate title and, if necessary, subtitles.
  • Keep the word count between 500 to 2500 words (basically, submissions should be longer than a typical Facebook post, but shorter than a university term paper. That said, submissions can be submitted partially on Facebook (or other social media) and link to the blog post or article at this website.
  • Include references and/or citations that include book title(s), lecture title(s), or other sources. If you quote the Bible, include the Book, Chapter, Verse, and the version (i.e., King James, New King James, NIV, Strong's Concordance, etc.).
  • People enjoy reading how an author has incorporated what they're sharing within their life. We encourage you to write from the perspective of a teacher and friend versus a lecturer.
  • Submissions cannot have already appeared on other websites or as social media posts. This isn't to say you can't elaborate on a previous post; we just want fresh content.
  • Not that we'd expect you would, but we need to say it: Please don't plagiarize.

Send your submission to hello@thevibeproject.org, with the word "Inspire" as the subject. In most cases, we'll get back to you within 72-hours. Make sure you include your name and a short bio about yourself; please limit it to approximately 100 words. As stated above, make sure you include a title for your article/post and that you've proofread and edited it (we suggest using Grammerly™; the free version does a good job). While we can make small revisions, such as punctuation and spelling, if we think your submission can benefit from a more extensive revision, we'll let you know and make some suggestions.