Boldly Manifest Love 2.0

with Anila Reddy 

Your Path To "OMG, Pinch Me!" Relationships

Picture this...

You're winding down the day.

You glance at your phone; no blinking notifications or any trace of a message from someone you love...or that specific person (you know, the one who you want to want you as much as you want them)

These days, your relationships feel a bit empty and even meaningless at times. And your love life? Dead as a possum run over by a school bus. 

So, you open Instagram and scroll your entire feed. You know you saved that important post on 'how to change people". It's somewhere, and you need to find it soon. If not, surely you’ll be doomed to a life of eternal loveless funk.

It's the same old story: You're barely 11-minutes into winding down your day. And, once again, you’re getting a little choked-up while telling yourself you’ll probably be "alone" for the rest of your life...and might as well get used to it.

Not exactly an ideal evening, right?

But here’s the deal

On some level, you (and I do, too) know you are beyond amazing, a “great catch”, deserving of someone equally awesome. 

And it’s true.

Let’s be totally honest. You’ve already manifested so many things in your life. Some deliberately and wonderful. Others, well...

Not so much.

The point is, if your life isn't glowing now, it can be and will be. In fact, if you want, it can be incandescent. 

No matter where you are, today, there’s a good chance you were expecting a little more by now. 

After all...

You want to be included in all things fun, whether it’s hangin’ out with loved ones or being invited to game night by that random colleague you met a few weeks ago. 

YES, you definitely want THAT, and so much more; NOT an ongoing search for fixes to what feels like a loveless, endless, unsatisfying loop that most people call “life”.

Replaying imaginal acts isn’t working.  

And your eyes are burning from watching YouTube videos and scanning every “How to mend a relationship” post on the internet, telling yourself there MUST be one technique you’re missing, the missing piece...and it’s out there somewhere in cyberspace.

Let’s face it. The search is driving you crazy (I felt the same way once). Even worse, you’re losing confidence and starting to think maybe this is just how life is: A fulfilling relationship aligned with your specifications is a pipe dream.”

No, no...OH, HELL  NO! 

No more settling

No more forcing.

No more effort.

It’s time for "relief" (a lovely state) to hook you up with riveting relationships in all areas of your life (even your relationship with money).

Let’s get straight to the point. This class isn’t some generic “get your specific person (SP) now” worn out, re-circulated, and reframed (ineffective) blueprint. You’re well beyond that nonsense and deserve so much more. This class is an adventure in spontaneous daily living, one that gives you measurable and creative ways to discover who you are…

So you can glide into loving relationships with ease and confidence even if you...

...think you’re just not good at manifesting in this one cursed area of your life and figure someday you’ll be able to set it right. Or maybe that one relationship is just not meant for you.

...already did the research, you know how to deliberately create your reality. Shouldn't you be able to move that one big rock in your life? Can the little pebbles not just perish and die already? (Yes, they can.)

...know the logical solution but you can’t seem to implement it to shift your relationship with that one important person.

...are exhausted from persisting or building up a good momentum towards your desired reality for a while now.

...believe you don’t have the time in your life. Why can’t you have your royal ball before the clock strikes midnight? (You can.)

… imagine you have more fears than most people combined, and yours is truly truly a unique circumstance. 

...tried to tough love it out of yourself.

….know your relationships have to be better, know that relationships can still be better, with peace of mind, but aren't sure which technique you should really be doing. 

So why not just block social media, and call it quits? OR take a break from imagining and binge on "The Queen's Gambit" while eating all the red skittles?

I believe everything you ever wanted is closer than your breath. But, somewhere along the way, you got tired of the same old routine to improve or manifest the relationships you desire. I'm here to help you revamp that "zing" with a class packed with fun activities (ones you’ve probably never heard of before) to uncover how truly amazing you are.


What if:
  • The solution to your issues is in plain sight, hiding in the last place you'd look?
  • You stopped worrying all together about how “the past” may affect the future (or if your desire will ever show-up) - and start having some fun instead? 
  • You didn’t have to rush to your big box of time-wasting, energy-sapping, so-so techniques to distract yourself from the thoughts in your head? 
  • You don’t ever feel like you’re starting from scratch again? 
  • in accepting that you are love, your desires are instantly available to you

Just because you want to ignore your unlovely states does NOT mean your unlovely states will ignore you... 

They'll just remain dormant. You’ll give life to the unpleasant states; meaning, you (and they) will show up in disheartening circumstances time and again.

Are you sick of reading and listening to all the theoretical concepts around consciousness and manifesting? 

Are you ready to try new activities to give your relationships (yes, even with money) a makeover, as effortless as taking a sip of water? 

These are games you can play on the go!

There’s no time like the present. And there’s no point in waiting till the end of your day or the weekend to re-center yourself...or claim your desires. You don’t have to postpone your fears. You can dissolve them right now, without the “shoulds/must haves/needs”. 

This class is not about helping "busy humans get the inner glow". 

I mean, seriously…

Do you want to have the same conversation about "relationships" this time next month, next week...or next year? 

You know why you’re here. You’re ready. The time is now.

Discover easy, simple to implement, and proven ways (based on real experiences) to save yourself time from giving life to frustrating states. Create relationships that light your fire and make you wonder, “Gee, where were you all this time...?”

(MINUS the theory. Yes, practical application only.)

Join us in this 3-hour self-paced adventure in the Boldly Manifest Love 2.0 Class. You're gonna love the new you, a natural result of fun, awareness expanding activities, and exercises. 


Together, we’ll create epic states and a killer identity for you...and the absolute knowing of your true identity...the one you need for a fabulous life. 

Questions? Email me:

Required Disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for medical and professional advice and does not guarantee results.

(Sorry, but there are no refunds.)


About Anilaja (Anila) Reddy

Doctor, lifestyle manifestation coach, podcaster, blog author, and the author of Daughter of the Wind (available on Amazon Kindle), Anila is a passionate Neville Goddard student and teacher, and the creator of the Imagining Creates Reality Quick Start Guide. She revels in exploring life from her inner self (i.e., GOD) while intermittently binging on cheesecake, chocolate, and Lay's potato chips. Anila loves sharing her Neville-ized lifestyle and perspective with those she meets and watching them wake-up to a new understanding of who they truly are, which is simply a reflection of her own expansion.