Does Stillness Elude You?

Does Stillness Elude You?

By Anila Reddy

I know it can be unnerving yet invaluable to experience rampant thoughts. The fact that I can identify chaos or calm layers of ideas in my mind screams that I am the "stillness" I seek. I am the space, the Silence that’s always aware of being.

"Let us go into the silence" - Neville Goddard. 

Is silence a location you have to search for? 

We don’t "become" Silence, and so it doesn’t take hours of struggle to get ‘there’. It’s omnipresent; we live it, sense it and be it many times a day naturally. 


You're drawn inherently towards being it since it’s the core of who you are. The Hindu mythological scriptures state, 'You are the creator, preserver and destroyer'. From within Silence, you turn nothing into something, something into dust interacting with physical 3D events for a period in linear time.

How then do we navigate in this human experience?

Via states

You wear a state and form an identity every moment you interact with the world. You wear infinite states, first in imagination and then it manifests in the physical three-dimensional (3D) reality. 

 "That which you experience in the physical world is merely a shadow, reflecting the reality of your imaginal activity." - Neville Goddard, Imagination Creates Reality

The birth of your new identity needn’t be violent. You don’t need to build it with an obsession, desperation or franticness. 

Look here, you God. You never shuffle about aimlessly, as your state is always creating. You sign an agreement with the illusion each time you’re still and wear the state you desire. 

So, can ‘stillness’ worship any identity? 

No, it isn’t anyone's follower. When you are one with Silence, you see the version of you and every other person in the physical as God experiencing various states. 

There are no multitude of Gods populating cities; there is just one God and you are it. The glimpses of stillness you feel from time to time is not a part of something bigger. It’s the whole of who you are. 

Know this: Only God recognizes the destruction of the violence he wages on himself. He knows he’s the ultimate being who can set himself free. He’s the only one who dares to assume a different state because only God exists. You’re God in a state at all times, no matter how circumstances seem.

Pause now...

Imagine dipping into a lake, floating on the quiet back of its waters. Stillness, similarly, is what makes the physical reality buoyant. It’s the background from which all things arise. Even your mind and body stem from your state, so how can you be the construct of your mind? 

You never abandon your desires. When we turn in for the night surrounded by darkness as we lay in bed, the furniture in our rooms doesn’t disappear, does it? 

They still exist, as do the details concerning your finances, specific person (SP), health, abundance, relationships, including family, friendships, colleagues and travel trips. 

Sometimes, our logical mind thinks if we’re not focused on our desires or always walking from the state of knowing we have them, our imagination will forget or misplace the details. But Silence is God, and God does not forget. 

Silence doesn’t keep track of reasons of lack. It doesn’t try to justify your age. It doesn’t hold onto limitations either. You’re a space of gestation for innumerable possible things that already exist. Don’t you see who you really are?

"Creation is finished. Creativeness is only a deeper receptiveness, for the entire contents of all time and all space, while experienced in a time sequence, actually coexist in an infinite and eternal now. In other words, all that you ever have been or ever will be – in fact, all that mankind ever was or ever will be – exists now. What is called creativeness is only becoming aware of what already is. You simply become aware of increasing portions of that which already exists." 

- Neville Goddard, The Power Of Awareness

You are God resurrecting dead states, so you’re not creating anything. You are the stillness that whisks life into vegetative states. 

Understand the magnitude of this. 

The world is dead without you. No seeming other, force, identity or event on the outside is doing anything to you. 

Physical reality is a world of ghosts. They can’t harm you. Nothing and no one is outside of you. Can’t you see right through them? So, to chase after ghosts is to pursue your own shadows. It’s futile.

You needn't be consumed by them. 

Instead, you can choose to end the intoxication. You can mould conditions, relationships, wealth, health, all desires utterly significant into any desirable shape. Not from hammering at the details on the outside but from within you.

Are you their slave or their limitless master?


Since you’re never lost, you can’t ‘find’ yourself from within a state. When a limited identity clothes us, how do we remember who we are; especially when we weave ourselves into a character to which we get attached? 

In fact, a state has you well immersed in amnesia. You can’t recognize yourself when you give yourself a designation. You're not the doctor, businessman or woman, teacher, engineer, partner, a family member or friend. 

If you try to ‘understand’ it, you limit yourself to a finite explanation. I can’t confine you to a definition or a ‘little’ perspective. You’re the raw, naked entity that gives life to the desirable and undesirable physical experiences, knowingly or unknowingly.  

Take off your mask. 

Moreover, within an identity, we often forget the fundamental facts of who we are. We’re creators of our reality: the experience of every sight, sound, smell, taste and touch we witness. 

Realize that we only remember from the state of consciousness we’re living in at any given point. All memory is state-dependent. But, when we stop identifying with our body, we know we're more amazing than we were once aware. Otherwise, the state gets in the way of the depth of our truth. 

So, undress from the state you're wearing. 

Often, I slip off my physical body and notice I am the Silence I want to enter. Every day, I take 5 minutes or less, come into the Silence and check-in with my desired states. I do this 4-5 times a day. I reflect on what costume to wear and how far I can stretch my imagination. Within a few seconds, I adorn a new state.

"But one thing I do. Forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before, I press on toward the goal."

- Philippians 3:13,14, World English Bible

Above all, you are the dreamer dreaming your dream. You’ve turned off time limits, pressure and anxiety gauges in this enchantment. Your desires? They’re not running away, and nobody is detaining or taking them from you. There’s no hurry for you to notice who you are. 

But when you’re ready, remember the First Principle,  "Be Still and know that I am God". Let old states drift away.

You’re one with the stillness when you notice how you breathe, allow the tension from your muscles to lift, take a walk, read your favourite novel, watch Netflix, or when you completely relax in the present. 

For the love of God, don’t work hard or struggle to be still! 

A second way to be still is by repeating ‘I AM’ over and over again in your mind until you feel that you are what unveils every physical experience in your existence.

"You say silently but feelingly, "I AM". Do not condition this awareness but continue declaring quietly, "I AM – I AM". Simply feel that you are faceless and formless and continue doing so until you feel yourself floating.

When this expansion of consciousness is attained, within this formless deep of yourself, give form to the new conception by claiming and feeling yourself to be that which you, before you entered into this state, desired to be. You will find that within this formless deep of yourself, all things appear to be divinely possible" - Neville Goddard, Your Faith is your fortune.

My point is: you’ve been imagining all your life, usually unwittingly and manifesting your entire world in the blink of an eye. 

Of course, there may be times where you feel like you’re no closer to your desire than you were before, but that's because you’ve brushed away any morsel of progress you’ve made by feeling attached to the evidence of the physical world. And no, these moments don’t have to indicate that your desires are coming to a halt.

You’re the only cause, remember? Be still. Let the doubt fade.

"So tonight I want to talk to you about the first principle, which you can always fall back on when in doubt. This first principle is: "Be still and know that I am God." No matter what happens, turn within and be still. Know that your awareness is God and that all things are possible to you." – Neville Goddard, The First Principle.

The noise in your mind can drown the Silence briefly when you deem a situation as a crisis; whether you’re frustrated that your SP is not behaving the way you'd prefer or if someone mistreats you at work or your bank balance is low or you have a chronic health condition. But the expansive Silence that you are is more significant than any event, it’s the all-powerful, all-knowing. It will always destroy the noise that is temporarily residing within. 

The truth within you reveals itself to show the freedom that you are. Yes, surrendering to the Silence may take longer than you want it to. But, without judgement, let the noise expire. 


Is there a ‘right’ way to be still?

You can experience Stillness when your hands are busy & feet are moving -- so that you can hear your thoughts, observe them, and give them safe passage to move through you without interrogating them. 

When I have a tingling shower of Silence, I am naked, cleansed, and freshly minted. In this rawness, I can hear the clear voice of God, my voice - the stillness. 

Then I can put on a new suit (state), allow ideas to form. Instantly, under the dictatorship of my fresh state, I experience automatic moments. 

Our experiences (manifestations), movements, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, desires, actions, feelings, sensations, behaviour, dos and don'ts are products of the state.

When we’re diligently trying to put on new suits on top of old tattered suits, we’re robbing ourselves of the crucial time to experience the oneness with the faceless formless God.

When I mix constant inputs of other states with the new ones I’m trying to wear, I notice that confusion, irritation or frustration fill me. That becomes my battleground. Then how can the creative mind be directed and be deliberately at play?

You can meditate, or isolate yourself if that works for you. Long and tedious. Another way to be still is during the times you’re doing household chores, folding the laundry, brushing your teeth or cleaning your room. In essence, moments when your entire brain is not entirely concentrating on the task, but rather is used to having a light robotic focus on these daily tasks. Fast and quick.

These are times I stop seeing as dull or wasted and recognize for what they are: valuable free space within which I can be still. These moments filled with Silence have no agenda and they do an excellent job of stripping me from my working mind. So, enter them, get used to the solitude and appreciate and live from rich new states

"Be still and question yourself, saying: "Are you really God?" Address yourself as though you were two. "If you are God and can do all things, prove it to me by giving me my desire so I can feel its presence now." See if he will prove himself in performance and when he does, do it again." - Neville Goddard, The First Principle


An uncluttered, relaxed space is synonymous to entering a state akin to sleep (SATS). My menial tasks become something that go from trying to "get through" a checklist to experiencing the Silence and discovering its fortunes.

In short, relax, you're not in a race; it appears as a competition when you identify yourself with the mask, your state. Stillness isn’t accessible only to a chosen few, and it doesn’t take you months or years to experience it. Nobody's keeping you from it. 

You’re not an exception to this.

So, I encourage you to incorporate dressing in stillness and be aware of your sensations regularly. Occupy Silence often, not just in times of ‘dire’ need. 

I find the veil between the imaginal and physical world lifts when it’s the lightest. It’s okay if you’ve fallen in love with the illusion of your physical detailing; we all do so occasionally. But, again, that's not who you are. 

You are imagination experiencing itself and the only cause of your existence. Remember, there is only one being, one creator, one stillness, and that is you, God.  

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Anilaja Reddy (Anila), a doctor, a lifestyle manifestation coach, and author (of a published poetry book, "Daughter of the Wind") is currently exploring all facets of life from her true inner self, GOD, while pausing intermittently to wolf down cheesecake. She desires to share this experience globally, especially with children, to help facilitate the awakening of a more joyous wholesome life within themselves. She can often be found underwater in the expanse of the present moment.