Dreams, Signs, Symbols, Visions (Part 2)

Dream, Signs, Symbols, Visions

Part 2 

Contributed by Natalie Stroud

Part 2 of 2

In Part 1, I talked to you about the 4 signs that Neville has proffered as key to the resurrection, or experiencing of the Promise.  I also shared with you some visions I received that served as fanfare to the “coming attractions” in my life.  Now I will describe what happened to me early on the morning of January 20th, 2018.  This is a vision with 2 parts, along with some insights that came when I awoke.

Part 1:  I was outside with a bunch of people, mainly family members, and looked up into the sky. There were crazy, ominous clouds everywhere.  I won’t go into detail about the strange configurations and commotion the clouds were making, or how they would drop out of the sky and land on our tables like sods of grass, but the very last cloud—it was huge, and it had a red section, yellow section, purple section, blue section.  It was seething and angry looking, and it bellowed loudly.  Then it whooshed it’s way over to our picnic area.  I grabbed my mom and pulled her out of the way just as the gigantic beast let out a gush of wind and fierce rain that in a split second decimated everything, and everyone, in front of our eyes.  Everything that was just there mere seconds before, all of my family, was now gone, completely demolished.  I remained, my mother remained, but the world as we knew it was obliterated into nothingness.  [The world was dead].

Part 2:  I was back at an old place of work, and my 3 co-workers were treating me as  I was invisible.  [The spiritual self is invisible to the physical world.] Suddenly the top of my head hurt…I touched it, and could feel a soft patch as if there was an abscess underneath.  It suddenly occurred to me that it must be a wound from having tried to kill myself earlier [shedding the old man].  Before I could take another step, the wound exploded open, and a dark golden liquid began spewing from the top of my head, pouring out over my entire body.  I attempted to run back to the bathroom, but there was suddenly a bunch of customers rushing to the bathroom ahead of me.  Nobody seemed to notice that I was having an emergency, or even see me at all. I was completely invisible to the bustling world.

When I finally made it to a free sink, I was totally drenched in the liquid from my head.  I looked in the mirror and saw a gaping quarter-sized hole at the top of my skull [Golgotha].  The liquid was still coming out, but it was thicker, like brownish/golden/amber soft-serve ice cream. I was unable to wash myself off or clean myself up, so I went back out to the store-front to tell them I had to leave, but still no one noticed me or my predicament.  I said good-bye to one of my co-workers, knowing it was my last day working there.  I would be moving back “home”, to my mother. [to the womb, to the truth of who I am]

Back at my house, I went inside to finish packing and clean myself up, but the place was a mess.  After navigating to the top of the stairs, I realized crap was still coming out of my skull, and it literally looked like shit at this point [past crap assumptions, false beliefs, second causes].  And it was EVERYWHERE.  It just kept coming and coming. My skull had exploded and my whole being was emptying out. [I was being cleansed and at the same time born anew from my skull]

Then I noticed some doors were open that shouldn’t be, and I was worried I had been robbed.  [just before falling asleep, I was feeling as if I had robbed myself of my own life]  I looked around, but nothing really important seemed to be missing.  Laptop, check.  TV, check. Everything was in its proper place.  [I still owned what was most important].  But I thought I saw movement and was scared there were intruders.  So I grabbed my phone, and in my still very "poltergeist-y" state, I ran outside to call the cops.  However, I could not get a signal. [There is no one to call on but self. I am my only savior.]  Then I woke up.  [and my true awakening began]

Obviously this vision differs greatly from Neville’s, where he finds himself trapped in his own skull.  He removes a piece from the base of his skull, then climbs his way out.  In my vision, I am cleansed of all false belief, all secondary cause, as it spews out from the top of my skull.  My skull has exploded open, and the old man has been ejaculated, but there is no baby---yet---to hold in my arms.  Interestingly, in the second vision that Neville describes, he says that a vibration starts at the top of his skull, and then it explodes.  Sound familiar?

Another commonality is the great stormwind which precedes, or happens synchronous to, the birth.  And yet another is that spirit is invisible to the witnesses.  Neville was invisible to his 3 brothers, just as I was invisible to my 3 co-workers.  And the irony!  Remember earlier where Neville said, “There are signs, but it comes suddenly upon you – no shadow to let you know it’s going to happen tonight or tomorrow. No, it comes like a thief in the night.”?  In my vision, I believed there to have been a thief in my house.  It literally came like a thief in the night.

Now, here is something Neville says in his lecture ‘You Are a Cosmic Being’:

It takes the many blows of the world to reduce us to that liquid, cosmic being who awakens in the grave. That grave is not in some cemetery, but in the skull from which a storm wind will awaken you. In the Jerusalem Talmud, there is a tradition that the Messiah was born in Bethlehem the night of the destruction of Jerusalem, and he was carried off by a storm wind. I tell you this is true.

The storm cloud destroyed “Jerusalem” in my dream, just before there was a liquid explosion from my skull.  Neville also says this, in the lecture ‘The Great Possession’:

Your mother wove your garment of flesh and blood called the linen cloth, and one day you will come out of it, never to return. You, an invisible being, will feel and hear a power so great it will sound like a storm wind. What I saw was conjured by and supported by a tone; therefore if the tone stopped, the beauty I contemplated would vanish. But the tone continued, and as it did I awoke.

There is a tone in you that is unique to you, and one day it will appear in the form of a beautiful pattern. You will arrest that tone, and as it is sustained the shell in which you have been sealed for unnumbered centuries will crack. You did not begin in your mother's womb and you will not end in the grave. You are an immortal being who came down into a world of death to dream the dream of life. One day you will fulfill the 8th chapter of Zechariah and awaken to discover you are life itself.

As you can see, the symbology in Neville’s visions and in my own are the same, even if the arrangement is slightly different.  This proves that symbology is both universal and personal.  The language remains the same, but shows up in a way that befits my own personal point of awareness.

I might be wrong, but I believe this to be the first event that Neville talks about as signs of the end.  The next event did not happen in the same time interval as Neville’s took place, and although he had a friend who corroborated with him, experiencing the exact same time length as Neville between each event, I am not certain that is how it happens in each individual.  I believe Neville only has anecdotal evidence for that, biblical reference being only to the entire span of 1,260 days (the birth from above to the descent of the dove).  This is what I experienced on the early morning of July 22nd, 2019:

Early this morning, I dreamt I was in Athens (Ga).  It was a very deserted area, down a dusty, dirt road, with reddish-brown fields all around. I knew that someone would be arriving soon to take one of my cats. I had prepared a long, dramatic speech to give this person as to why I should be allowed to keep my cat instead of giving it away. [Interestingly, cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection.] As the person arrived at the door, he(?) was carrying an infant swaddled in a white cloth, and my story suddenly changed from why the cat should stay with me to why the baby should be with me.

When he entered the house, I froze up. My prepared monologue was stuck in my throat, but after a few moments, I was able to tell him that the cat had my tongue. He said “You can save your speech; this baby is yours. This is your son, and he should be with you.” As I gathered my son in my arms, I was both delighted and in awe of the responsibility that was now mine. I realized I was both the mother and the father of this beautiful infant. I also knew there was some significance to the fact that I was in Athens, and that it appeared to be a desert.  Then it all dissolved.

So here we have come full circle.  Thirty years before, I gave birth on Christmas day.  I didn’t quite understand then that this was the immaculate conception; I was playing the part of Mary (“Man will one day realize that this whole drama takes place in his consciousness, that his unconditioned consciousness or I AM is the Virgin Mary desiring to express”~~from Your Faith is Your Fortune).  On this day in 2019, I received my son in my arms, and I am pronounced his father.  I do not know him as ‘David’, only as my beautiful, cherubic son. I fall in love with him instantly.  Neville held the babe in his arms in the first vision; I held him in my second.  But the second vision is finding David, your son, and David calls you Father.  The person at the door who delivered this babe in my arms is the witness.

If these events happen in the exact sequence that Neville describes, then I cannot say that I have yet experienced the third sign, being split in two.  I do find it interesting that the symbology of the golden liquid which poured forth from my skull in the first event is present in Neville’s description of the third:

a bolt of lightning split me in two from the top of my head to the base of my spine and I separated. At the base of my spine I saw golden liquid light, which I knew to be myself. Fusing with it, I ascended like a serpent in a fire of lightning back into my skull, as it reverberated as though shattered. I recorded that vision as against the passages: "The curtain of the Lord was split in two from top to bottom" and: "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up." (from One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Days, 1968)

I will add that I had one of the most impressive dreams/visions of my life in my mid-20s, much too long to recount here, but wherein my back was split in two, from the base of my spine all the way to my head.

I am curious to see what the morning of July 3, 2021, will bring, if anything (1,260 calendar days from January 20, 2018.)  You begin the count of the one thousand two hundred and sixty days on the day of the birth of the Child. Now, what is the child? The child is only a symbol of your birth from above.  Perhaps it would be more prudent to begin counting from the day I held the child in my arms?  In that case, the final vision would arrive on January 22, 2023.  When I had the first two visions, I had not yet related them to Neville’s visions.  Now that I know the fourth sign to be the descent of the dove, will that knowing and expectancy be what brings it about?  And if so, does that negate it actually being the fourth sign?  I believe Neville would say no.

I could continue with sharing many other dreams and visions I’ve had over the years, including some very significant encounters with a pig.  “For those who are not familiar with this symbol, the pig is the symbol of Christ, the power and wisdom of God. Every time you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another or yourself, you are feeding Jesus Christ.” (Neville Goddard, Christ in You)  However, I’ve blathered on enough about my own experiences.

I’d love to know how others have experienced these signs, symbols, and visions if you have done so.  What do you think about Neville’s description of experiencing the Promise?  Is it hogwash? Was this just his unique incarnation of living out an allegory that he adored so profoundly?  Will the majority of individuals have these visions, yet not recognize them? Does any of it even matter, or is it just another fun place to play?

Again we are told: “And at the age of 30 he began his ministry,” and you think it’s a man. No, the one taken into the body – incorporated into the body and sent − must fulfill that pattern. He is the Pattern Man sent into the world. He tells it as it unfolds in him. Others then follow. It doesn’t have to be the identical pattern. From that pattern, you unfold. Everyone unfolds. I’ve recorded it just as it happened to me. (Signs of the End)

Natalie Stroud lives in the world of imagination (it's her reality), where anything is possible, and her senses are anything but common.  Although her ideas about life might appear "crazy" to the majority, she considers herself to be a rather sane cat lady, lover of all animals, vegan cuisinartist, amateur-yet-passionate gardener, coiner of new words, and magician of domestic blissitude