Neville Idiotized #1: You Pushed Out

Neville Idiotized #1 (You Pushed Out)

Contributed by Jesse Windsor

For a few months now, I've been playing with ways to describe how the statement, "The whole vast world is yourself pushed out…" is much less complicated than it's made out to be.

I have had quite a few conversations that would illuminate it as a mad tyrant would. I've even been called “stupid” for suggesting one must be super careful how loving you are while trying to use this concept before fully understanding it. Now, what follows is going to seem a little like a ramble. Stay with me though; it's how my physical mind works (and I have no desire to change it). 

Neville stated a few times that the whole vast world is yourself pushed out. Often, he also followed or preceded it with, "since we are all God anyway". This statement wasn't meant to be a tool for us to use as much as a, "Hey! Look, I noticed.” And, “I know this from experience since I am and you are actually are one and the same”.

Now, earlier in his lectures, he didn't mention it much at all. He would hint at things like catching a mood, finding a feeling, repeated most about not going to the end but something you would naturally encounter after the goal or ideal was a fact in your life.

Then after his experience with The Promise, he had the realization that we are “one individual” only in expression. That's when he more casually refers to the "you pushed out" almost every time next to a reference where he was giving an example of the mood he had just noticed right before the person confirming it appeared. 

"A person who directs a malicious thought to another will be injured by its rebound if he fails to get subconscious acceptance of the other. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Furthermore, what you can wish and believe of another can be wished and believed of you, and you have no power to reject it if the one who desires it for you accepts it as true of you." Neville, Prayer The Art of Believing

After I noticed this seeming discrepancy between what I was listening to and reading from Neville versus what I was hearing from some coaching videos from a few coaches, I was immediately shocked by what I was noticing as my experience. I noticed the difference between my success and failure, why when it came to influencing, I had the most difficulty with any form of magic or law. It hit me all at once, like a ton of bricks…

Influence isn't lovely at all.

Influence is tyranny. “Us pushed out” the way a few coaching videos taught me and the way Neville described it was blatantly different, as in night and day different, as in the difference between Hitler and Gandhi.

I couldn't feel that as real because I could not imagine being controlled by a seeming other, and most of them, equally, could not accept that suggestion because they also could not imagine being controlled that way. 

"The moment you think of influence, you reduce a miracle to magic. All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out. No one has the power to hold you back or promote you, for you are self-promoted or self-restricted." Neville, What Are You Doing (1968)

Now, it might seem that what you are doing is loving. It might even seem like what you're doing is the best for everyone involved. Hitler thought the same. Yet, the Gestapo became the most feared police force of the Third Reich. 

To conclude, I really want everyone to be mindful about how they use The Law and whether the gift is something they would wish for themselves or not. “You pushed out” is a warning, one telling you that you are doing the same to yourself as you would do to another. 

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Jesse Windsor began studying both hermetic alchemy and Neville Goddard a year ago. Since then, he has forgotten most anything he learned prior to Neville, because,  in his words, "it's no longer useful". In high school, Jesse was sought out by his peers for his wisdom. Later, he found that even in a mall there is always someone willing share their story with him.Until now...since he began began making The Law a way of life instead of a tool. Jesse says he is noticing fewer people tell him their story; yet, a larger audience has come before him to share his understanding of how this works and who we all are.