Submission of Self: How To See Through The Eyes Of God

Submission of Self: How to See Through the Eyes of God 

Contributed by Liz Luna

“Now, the knowledge of God requires a complete surrender of self. There are variations of that surrender in the person that is known, so not everyone receives the imprint of God to its fullest extent. The one who completely surrenders receives the gift of apostleship, which is the highest order in the body of God. That one is qualified to be sent and speak from experience. The prophets, teachers, healers, and miracle workers will tell it from hearsay; but all will tell of the imprint, based upon what happened to them. But the one who comes as the apostle does so because he stood in the presence of the Lord and so completely surrendered himself that he speaks from experience, and says: "He who sent me is with me. Lo, we are one." -- Neville Goddard, The Knowledge of God 11-08-68

This is a very interesting excerpt. At first glance, it would seem that Neville is only speaking on the promise. What does that have to do with creating the life of my dreams by use of the promise? This is what I believe to be the most beautifully eloquent display of “As above, so below” that I have ever witnessed in action. This concept of submission completes the synergy between the law and the promise, which would be the “above”. This same concept of submission is precisely how we put the law into practice down here in the “below”!

What is submission? 

No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. -- John 10:18

I have always described myself to be “submissive at heart but rebellious in spirit.” I am very grateful to finally have clarity around this issue, because it has not only enriched my creating experiences, but has also helped me heal in relationships. When two people are in a submissive/dominant relationship, it would appear that the dominant person holds all of the power. But the true power is in submission.

Obedience obtained through fear is not submission. Submission cannot be taken from another, it must be given. It is the gift of self. When I am in submission, I have given up myself. I lay down my pride, my fear, my shame; all of my identity is surrendered. I am unabashed and open. The reason that I can do this is that I feel completely safe. I have full trust and I hold nothing back. While a common understanding of the word ‘surrender’ is to retreat, it truly means to “give up” right where I am. I am relinquishing myself and fully putting myself in the trust of another. 

What does that look like with manifesting our desires?  

“In order to bring forth a man by Jehovah - whose name is I AM - you must bring forth your own wonderful I AMness.”

In this existence of being, I am a state. I am a character played, a role acted out by the various layers of states that I wear over my primary identity state. But underneath all of these states, is the foundation of awareness. ”I am Jane Doe” has ‘I am’ as the foundation, and ‘Jane Doe’ as a state worn over ‘I am’. So when I am simply imagining or ruminating or being led by my states unconsciously, I am doing so from whatever state I currently am in. Most of our life is created in these ways, whether we know the law or not. Much of life is created while “treading the winepress”. And when I am doing this, since I am doing it from the point of this human self, I am not in submission. I am holding on to my little identity for dear life; tugging and pulling at my desires. There is no surrender here. Surrender is weightless and without resistance, and the only place where that is possible, is in “first principle”; the awareness of being. “Be still and know that you are God”. 

My usual perspective is from my human self. That means that in order to know myself as God, I need to shift my vantage point. I can only do this by surrendering myself in submission to God. I give up my own identity and my own visual perspective, and I see from the eyes of God. In this awareness of being, I am state-less. 

Some might ask, “Well I have never even heard of this concept much less practiced it, and I manifest things. How is that possible?” And therein lies the encouragement! We have often felt this internal stillness, and sometimes even invoked it, without even knowing that that was what we were doing! It is not a difficult thing to do. And why would it be? Of *course* it would be an instinctual, reachable point. There isn’t one human that doesn’t have this place of stillness installed right in their harddrive, accessible consciously or unconsciously. But to know, to spend time here, and to enter this space often and easily, THAT is exactly how I submit myself, and let God take over. As a simple analogy, we are wanting to be in control of that steering wheel. But we are trying to take it over from the passenger seat. We need to instead, hop on over into the driver seat. Now that we are the driver, we can effectively steer the car. But imagining from my current state, rather than going into first principle, is like trying to steer from the passenger seat, which I think we can all agree is a bit dicey and unpredictable. 

How do I consciously enter this place of stillness; the ‘I am”? 

There is a space inside of me that IS the silence. It is stillness. So it is not about me becoming silent or still, but rather entering that space. If I had to pinpoint a physical address for this space, it is around mid forehead. I bring my awareness to this space by settling in here.

If you can picture that every single time you enter this awareness of ‘I am’, it is a stroke of a chisel revealing more of who you are, you can see that quantity and volume are key here. Just sit in this space for moments at a time, often throughout the day. It takes me 3 seconds to get here, no matter what I am doing. Once you are familiar with the sensation of your awareness here, it is easy to get there. 

This is what I notice from here: A tingling, warming sensation, and maybe some pressure in the forehead area, a feeling of lightness in my body, and a feeling of expansion of myself. 

NOTE: These are not things I sought after, these are things I notice now, having been practicing for a bit. 

The difference between this and just sitting on my couch daydreaming can only be felt through the sensation of where my consciousness is. Looks the same from someone looking at me on that couch- the difference is internal. I notice my eyes off to the right when daydreaming; up and center when in first principle. But again, that’s something I notice that tells me where I am, it’s not a thing I try to force for the outcome. 

Try it again and again and become aware of your sensations. This isn’t about hours on end. Moments- frequently throughout the day. 15 seconds here and there- *every single time* in this space is accumulative progression here. Every single moment is spent as ‘I am’ not only has me in the driver’s seat for creating, but also brings me closer to the promise! I am submitting my state of identity, putting my full trust in ‘I am’ to guide me and to imagine me as I wish to be. 

God is the beginning and the end. All creation is finished. In my finite human perspective, everything is ahead of me or behind me. But for God, all things already exist. So I go to this still awareness of being, and I view my states from the lens of God. And in order to see myself, I need to be looking at myself. This is only possible if I give up my current view for the look through God’s eyes. This is the truest form of submission: Submission of self to Self.

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Liz Luna is a wife and mom living in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Her spiritual journey throughout the years has been nothing short of dramatic and exciting. She is gifted with discernment and the ability to take the complex and turn it into elegant simplicity.