How I Apply

How I Apply

by Anila Reddy

The most effective way to do it is to do it. - Amelia Earhart

When I first started applying Neville’s teachings, I wondered what the exact mental procedure was to either lock-in or diffuse my feelings. I tested it time and again, and noticed a pattern I'd woven into my life. Here is a quick tour of my internal mechanics: 

When a situation arises, I observe where the stress or doubt resides in my body. Usually, it manifests as an ache in my throat which doesn't disappear when I obsess over the event that initially feels like a crisis. As I intentionally breathe, my attention slowly turns towards my hands; sometimes, my eyes travel along with it. I sense a tingly fresh feeling that starts from the point of focus and radiates to the areas where I can feel the tension in my muscles. The tension lifts, I can physically feel myself moving freely as I relax. The ache in my throat loosens its hold, the next breath of air feels refreshing. That's the unmistakable feeling of surrender; I switch to a new identity/state.

"Listen to your thoughts, and you will hear God's words! A thought that is not felt produces nothing. But a thought producing motor elements reproduces itself!" - Neville Goddard, Imagination Fulfills Itself

In spring season, just as the first flower that blooms, surrenders to the sunshine, your internal environment hosts a grand welcome to the oxygen coursing through you when you are rid of the barriers of fear, anxiety, worry, or knots in your stomach. Emotions alone don't create your experience if you let them pass. They're a part of the identity that you wear at any given point. It takes me a handful of seconds to get to a place that returns my regular calmer rhythm of breathing. A slower rate of breathing immerses you in a state akin to sleep where alpha waves enhance your creative skills. When I look up and to the left, I am remembering or recalling something, tapping into the memory part of the brain. When I am imagining and putting on a new state, I look up and to the right. Scientists claim we do this when we are lying or imagining and you are the one who imagined science into existence. 

Decide to do it. Drip-drop to be in tip-top shape. Drip into the new state, and you automatically drop the previous state. Letting go is not something that you actively do, it is something that happens when you change your mental outfit. All your life, you have not had to discard a state, consciously, remember Neville organized the stuff that we were already practising and imagining throughout our lives, for us to be aware. When you feel it real in your imagination, it has happened. It is not fake, nor is it pretending. You moved in consciousness to a point where it has already happened. On the outside, I can look like I am reading this article the same way whether I am depressed, hopeful or with a knowing that I am God, but from the inside, each of these states presents differently.

Assume a new state by asking, "What would it feel like knowing what I want is now already true in my life?" Construct an imaginal scene, implying that my desire is already a part of my life. Feel that and live from the answer to this question. 

Need for Speed: A single scene is all it takes. I like quick transitions or change of outfits. I can fit into any state I want in a flash. 3-4 seconds is all it takes to get drenched in the feeling. I do a single session for each desire. The perfect time is the moment the desire is upon you, but don't forget to make use of the drowsy period before you fall asleep in the night to imagine various desires.

"Catch your moods as you go to sleep. I cannot find any better way to describe this technique than to call it a controlled, waking dream. In a dream you lose control but try preceding your sleep with a complete controlled waking dream, entering into it as you do in a dream, for in a dream you are always very dominant, you always play the part. 

You are always an actor in a dream, and never the audience. When you have a controlled waking dream, you are an actor, and you enter into the act of the controlled dream. But do not do it lightly, for you must then reenact it physically in a three-dimensional world."  - Neville Goddard, 1948 lectures 

Are you feeling wound up tightly? Relax in a few seconds and claim a new memory. Memory doesn't exist in the physical, nor does it live in the past or present. You can rewind or fast-forward time and plant the memories that you choose. No, this is not a floozy philosophy, it is something that you can quickly implement. If you consider yourself a mechanic, your job doesn't entail only fixing broken things; you also work on the machines that function well, and detail them to make them more beautiful. Revision works the same way and so does manifesting a future life event. So, revise and imagine on the daily.

 It is all about the angles that give you perspective. Inside a theater, you find yourself shuffling between various seats until you get the best view of the movie from a comfortable spot. In this setting, you are the theatre, and each position in it is a different state which provides you with the preferred line of sight where you interact with your desires and assume that they are already yours. When a storm comes from the outside, you close the doors of your house. When it originates from the inside, then what do you do? You go within and experience stillness. The state forms the geometry of the angle with which you view a situation. When I move in consciousness, not only does the geometrical aspect with which I see the situation change, but I know that to begin with, it was all my imagination. 

Practice makes permanent. This is my perspective, but you don't need weeks or months of training to effectively apply this. You oil a creaky door once, and it stops creaking - you need to recognize who you are once, and you will see how easily it all works where you are willingly imagining and experiencing your reality effortlessly.  

Imagine diving into the ocean, feel and listen to the sound of water under it. Now come up; you are floating or moving your arms around and now hear the sound of the water and waves in the ocean knowing that you are the water and everything above it. Can you differentiate the quality of the sound in these two scenarios? Your ears are open to hearing the difference in perspective. Do this a few times in quick intervals, swim or float, then disappear under the blue ocean, come back up, and repeat. This exercise that I imagined to go within efficiently helps me switch states.

Your car horn neither works nor reacts when the car battery dies; similarly, you respond differently only once you charge yourself into a new state. Remembering who you are in the overall state of "I AM" takes care of your experiences in life from start to finish. 

Each hat you wear will pull you in different directions. But, you will be thrilled to note that all your life events are coming together perfectly; nothing is amiss. Begin playing this game of life as soon as now. Godspeed.

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Anilaja Reddy (Anila), a doctor, a lifestyle manifestation coach, and author (of a published poetry book, "Daughter of the Wind") is currently exploring all facets of life from her true inner self, GOD, while pausing intermittently to wolf down cheesecake. She desires to share this experience globally, especially with children, to help facilitate the awakening of a more joyous wholesome life within themselves. She can often be found underwater in the expanse of the present moment.