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We have the majority of Neville's books and will add others as they become available to us. Regarding lectures, as far as we know, our collection is the largest available online and free; currently, there are 340+ with more coming.

How To Search

We've made our library searchable using a keyword, and you can use more than one. For example, if you want to search imagination, just click on the search icon located on the right-hand side of the site menu (next to the Login tab) input imagination, and hit enter. Or, you can place multiple keywords or a title within quotes "__________" to retrieve an exact match of those keywords.. For example, "Feeling is the Secret" (upper- or lowercase, it doesn't matter). A list of lectures and books containing the word "imagination" or "Feeling is the Secret" will upload. From there, click on any selection to see imagination or Feeling is the Secret highlighted wherever it's used.

Note: To access the library, you need to be a registered member and logged in. To register (it's FREE) go here.

What's our goal? First, to share Neville's work with anyone who has imagined it. And, second, to build an amazing community of deliberate creators who are all thriving in their own unique way. On that note, we hope you'll share your thoughts in our Facebook Group and provide a reference and/or quote aligned with your perspective. This way, each of us can dig deeper and gain more understanding and clarity on our way to realizing who we really are!  

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