Clarity.  It's a beautiful thing.

It's hard to see the picture when you're inside the frame.

Whether it's gaining some clarity or a making a major shift, having somebody to stand back, observe, and reflect to you exactly what they see can be invaluable. This is where a knowledgeable coach comes in. Expertise and insight saves you time, eliminates frustration, and puts you squarely on the path to experiencing what you really want to experience. Not in weeks or months down the road, but now.

If you follow Neville's work, you'll quickly understand what we share with you, why we're sharing it, and (most importantly) how to apply the concepts and experience the reality you desire. Clear. Concise. On point. The way coaching is supposed to be.  

Meet the coaches

Anilaja (Anila) Reddy

Doctor, lifestyle manifestation coach, podcaster, blog author, and the author of Daughter of the Wind (available on Amazon Kindle), Anila is a passionate Neville Goddard student and teacher, and the creator of the Imagining Creates Reality Guide. She revels in exploring life from her inner self (i.e., GOD) while intermittently binging on cheesecake, chocolate, and Lay's potato chips. Anila loves sharing her "Neville-ized" lifestyle and perspective with those she meets and watching them wake-up to a new understanding of who they truly are. For more information and session availability, please contact her at

Clay Mara

Creator, veteran coach, forever student, Clay has one primary focus: Being free, in the truest sense. He assists others in doing the same. On a spiritual path since his teens, Clay arrived at Neville Goddard and knew he was home; the "search was over. As the founder of TheVibeProject, he has made Neville's teachings available, free, to anyone looking for answers about how to deliberately create the life they want. An entrepreneur, business consultant, and former financial market analyst, trader, and educator, Clay specializes in finding order in chaos and explaining things in the simplest terms: Clarity is key, as it leads to understanding, execution, and (ultimately) success. For more information and session availability, contact him at   



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