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Awesome, you're here!

Seriously, I'm more than excited that you're interested in joining us and sharing your talents, truths, and unique perspectives with others: People looking for ideas to create a better, more satisfying and rewarding life.

And when they "get it", I guarantee what they learn won't stop with them.


Because we naturally want to share good news. It's part of our DNA, our human "beingness". And, if that isn't reason enough, also because ideas have a life of their own. They're contagious (in the best possible way), and there's no stopping them once they're released into the universe.


Take a minute to let that sink in! And imagine the impact you're going to have. It's massive and kind of "mind boggling". (So, if you're starting to feel a little dizzy, now you know why ; )

Okay, let's keep going. 

The Why Behind The What

We all have our reasons for doing what we do: our why. And all "whys" are valid. Just so you know (and in case you haven't already heard) here's the juice that gets me jumpin' out of bed in the morning: 

[player id=2074]

Is there more? Oh, yes!

Part of it is about feeding the "NEW paradigm" by being bold with our individual purposes and the truths we're meant to share. 

It's about being authentic.

And it's about collaborating with high frequency people to "make things happen" in a BIG and meaningful way.

(How's that for starters?)

All in!

Clay Mara, Co-Creator, TheVibeProject

P.S. To test-drive the Summit promotion/registration page, click here. It's not "live" and 100% operational... yet. We've been waiting for you! As soon as all of our presenters complete the intake form (below), and all the proverbial "ducks" are in a row, the site will formally activate. So, at this point, please don't let the cat out of the bag by sharing it. (Thanks in advance.)  

P.P.S. This is a 100% free event, all content and with no "catches". We won't be selling the recordings before or after the Summit in any format, either; they'll be available, at no cost (i.e., zero, nada, nothing) to everyone "ready" to hear them.  

P.P.P.S. If you'd like to learn about the initial "project" behind TheVibeProject and this event, click here

Share Your Truth

Get ready to co-create!

This is going to be a really, really good experience for everyone: informative, life-changing, and fun. (And just so you know, we like fun.) 

The below intake form will help us move forward and prepare for our interview. If needed, we'll follow up with additional questions. If not, we'll be sending you our list of interview questions. That said, who knows where our conversation might lead! It's all part of the journey.


Based on your availability, we'll schedule an interview date and time; if you need to change it, no worries. We anticipate interviews will last approximately 60-minutes. Of course, much of this depends on what you'd like to share and/or how much time you have to share it. We're flexible, so (on our end) scheduling will be easy.

Note: We'll be recording interviews online, in audio and video, using Zoom. You don't have worry about the "techie" stuff. You'll just need access to a microphone, webcam, and internet connection (more on this in a follow-up message).  

There you have it: fun and easy.

And with you onboard, this event promises to be one awesome ride! Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Until next time, be well and we'll talk soon!  

Presenter Intake Form

[wpforms id="1796"] IMPORTANT. By submitting the Presenter Intake Form, you're agreeing to the PRESENTER RELEASE TERMS, which you can review here (they're short, straightforward, and to the point). Note: A new page will open in your browser.

Your Smilin' Face

We (and the rest of the world) want to see your smilin' face! So, please forward a picture (of you ; ). We'll include it on the Summit registration page. Ideally, headshot photos should be 240 px by 240 px and in PNG or JPEG format. If you don't have a headshot within those dimensions and don't know how to resize images, send us what you have and we'll work with it. You can upload your headshot using the below app or send it to us via email:

Note: This is a separate action from the above intake form, meaning you need to send the intake form (above) and your headshot (below), individually. 

To use the app

  1. Press "Select" to locate the image/headshot file on your device (i.e., computer, phone, tablet). Please make sure the file name includes your last name so we know who the pic belongs to; you might need to "rename" it. Once selected,
  2. Press "Send". You're done.
  3. If you get an "error" message, bypass any potential frustration by attaching your pic to an email message and send to:
  4. Thanks, and look great
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