What  Project? 

Yes, there's a project behind TheVibeProject, and it's BIG! 

To say the least, we're more than excited, because It's based on what we love doing and aligned with our purpose,  which is reminding people how powerful they are...

How powerful WE ALL ARE.  Superhero powerful

And, because we believe everyone is meant to be happy (and can be happy) we focus on this message, too. 

Go ahead, call us idealists. But, in a walnut shell, that’s the simplicity of our mission and message...

And we’re good with "simple". 

So, if you're new to us, you can expect to hear it in our audios and videos, read it on our website, and see it on social media. We even plaster it on our tee-shirts (and other apparel, coming soon).

In our minds, there's nothing more important than hammering home these messages to young and old and everyone in-between:

  • "Manage (and keep raising) your vibration to attract what you want."
  • "You are undeniably awesome and worthy of everything you desire."
  • “You are a powerful creator and can be, do, and have absolutely anything."  

Getting back to the project, here’s the deal, and (once again) it’s very simple and works like this:

For every t-shirt we sell, we give one away to a child who might not have the means to purchase one.

We'll explain the big picture view on on another page. But, for now, we're pretty sure you get the idea (of course, if you want to hear more, just drop us a note).  

Let's keep going...

It's a special shirt with a special message.

An important message.

A message that uplifts and announces to the wearer and the world how amazing he, she, and we all are. What’s the message? There’s more than one, but here's our fist:


(You can see a picture of this tee here.) 


Imagine reading that statement for the first time in your life.

Imagine how it might make you feel, whether you’re wearing the shirt or if the wearer is standing in front of you.

It's an "in-your-face message" from the universe (our goal was to eliminate any doubt ; ) affirming the both the wearer and reader's undeniable awesomeness. It's also a visual proclamation from one person to another that he or she are "worthy" and are recognized as such. 

You might think of it as another way of saying Namaste: "I recognize the Divinity in you which is also the Divinity in me". For some, it might be the first time they've ever been acknowledged this way. 



We call this our “Affirmation” line of tee-shirts. We know it will have a big impact, individually and for the collective.  So, we're excited and we love it...

And hope you do, too.

As we said, our goal is about raising the vibration of people and the planet. And we're starting by letting the world and everyone in it how know powerful and amazing they are!


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