In Praise of Wisdom



Tonight’s subject is “In Praise of Wisdom.” The Bible speaks of two entirely different types: The wisdom of this world which they claim is foolishness in the eyes of God; and then the wisdom of God which is foolishness in the eyes of man. But the road to the wisdom of God is the great secret of God. It’s not through some initiation ceremony or philosophical instruction, but through the highest gift of the Spirit which is love. With this as your guide you can’t go wrong.

Wisdom in the scriptures is personified as a little child, and you will read it in the 8th chapter of the Book of Proverbs, from the 22 nd verse through the 36th . “I was his possession before he brought forth anything, before the heavens were established, before the earth was established. I was beside him as a little child; and daily I was his delight, rejoicing in his inhabited world and rejoicing in the sons of men. Listen to me my sons, and keep my ways; he who finds me finds life and obtains the favor of God. He who misses me injures himself; all who hate me love death.”

Now here is the personification of wisdom, a little child. We’re told in scripture, “Wisdom is justified by her children” (Luke 7:35). So here we see wisdom now becoming a parent, bringing forth itself personified as a little child. So, when it brings forth itself in an entirely different world this wisdom is altogether different. The one in whom the child appears does not differ from what he was one second before. If he never went to college, he cannot think he did go to one and what he knew in this world of Caesar he knows no more. If he was all thumbs when he started to put a stamp on an envelope, he still remains all thumbs. He cannot enter into any conversation with the wisdom of this world beyond what he was when it happened to him. What happened to him will lead him into an entirely different world, and will appear foolishness in the eyes of this world, so he is no wiser in the eyes of the people of Caesar. And what he stepped into begins to expand rapidly, and he comes into all kinds of things that he cannot even discuss. He’ll discuss it, but only a few will be able to understand him. What he is discussing is not only wisdom beyond the wisdom of this world, but a power beyond the wildest dream of the power of this world.

Now you and I would not because electricity could be dangerous cease to use it. We know that it’s fatal if misused. You and I wouldn’t stop driving a car because every year 50,000 Americans alone are killed on the highways through cars. How many hundreds of thousands are injured and some very seriously? Many of them, but we still drive cars. So, because the power we use on Caesar’s level if misused becomes fatal and dangerous, we don’t stop using it. Well, this power of which I speak is infinitely more dangerous, but we have to experiment. And you’re not going to stop using it because it is dangerous. So, tonight we come down to the one use of it where it cannot hurt you. It can’t hurt you if you realize that the road to this power, the road to this wisdom of God is through the highest gift of the Spirit which is love.

Now, last Tuesday night I told you the story of a friend of mine and many of you were present. I think you can catch what I said even without going over the story itself. In a vision which he shared with us (because he shared it with me and I shared it with you) he was told in vision to use his Imagination for another in the same way he uses it when he writes a story. Well, he’s a professional writer and writes stories daily. Well, in this writing of a story on the level of Caesar he has to play all the parts to make it natural. So when he makes a love scene or dramatizes a love scene he has to make love to himself. As he said in his letter to me, slap himself, slap himself in the face if the situation calls for it. So, with this in mind (all in a dream), he thought he would try it, and he tried it with two that he mentioned, and said, person after person…who the persons were I do not know. With his success in these, I hope many of you are friendly enough with him to be brought into his sphere to use you in the experiment.

Now, he wrote me a letter which I told you, but I didn’t tell the end of it. I didn’t realize what was written at the very end in the script was part of it. So he wrote me another letter, which I got a day after. Well, the story is this. In his experience, he left his body and did what he would in a play, and assumed the body of the one he wanted to help. He became not only another person but another sex, for the one he wanted to help was a young woman. In this, her immediate need, the most pressing need, was a car. So after putting on the personality of the young woman, looked into the mirror and pronounced herself beautiful—because he is not the man now, he is the young woman—then he tripped out onto the street where the new car was waiting, got into the car and drove off, sitting in the form of a woman, this woman, with the wind blowing against his face. Then, after enjoying the ride, with a few little moments of discomfort when his high heels were not quite what he was accustomed to wearing, and so then he pulled over to the curb and parked the car. Got out of the body of the woman now, looked at the woman sitting behind the wheel, and she gave him this radiant, glorious smile. And that was it, that scene. The very next day, he goes to the restaurant where this young lady works, and she, in a moment of excitement, took him and his wife out to show them the car. It’s the make of car, the color of car, the top was down.

Everyone, with a thing like this, would like to know, well, how did

she get it? Well, since she did not have a car she has not been visiting her mother. Her mother, knowing the reason for the lack of visits was owning a car, sent her this unexpected gift of money, which she then put down on the new car—the make, the color, and the convertible…the top down. The mother said to my friend—because on Easter day then they drove out to him, and called on him—and said it was really a very selfish gift: “Because I hadn’t seen her as open as I’d like to see her, I gave her the money that would permit her to get the means of seeing me more open, which is a car.” And so, they always justify these things on the level of Caesar. But it was on that level this whole thing started. He gave her what she did not have either the strength or the faith to give herself.

Now, because she has a car, she wants to disengage herself from a relationship, which has been present in the interim, from one who works in the same restaurant playing music. He’s a musician, a man much older than she is, but he has been kind, he’s been very considerate. He might have had ulterior motives that I do not know. He did propose marriage, but she declined and said, “No, let us remain friends.”  But he would take her home every night when she worked late and take her to her apartment where she lives, and then would allow her to use the car in the course of the day. Then, as it went on from weeks to months, and months to months, he not only would take her home but would suggest that he would come in and sit and rest for awhile, which he did. And that became a habit to the point of even receiving an extra key that he may use the apartment in her absence.

But now with her car and this new freedom, she doesn’t want this

to continue. So she said to my friend who was so successful in this, “I don’t want him hurt. I want him out of my life but no hurt. He has been kind, he has been sweet, he’s been generous, he’s been everything that’s been lovely, only I want this to come to an end, without the hurt of this person.” My friend, being very human as we all are…for anyone wearing these garments are wearing garments of animals, may I tell you. Anyone in this world, no matter        (??), the so-called holy man, when he tells you how holy he is, don’t trust him through the door. Don’t for one moment trust him even with an extra dollar, because while you wear these garments you are subjected to the animal power. So, he said in his letter to me, “I love her in the same way you love your daughter Vicki.” Well, that’s really doing something, because if anyone could take a total stranger who waits on his table and love her to the degree and with the same affection that I love my Vicki, I take my hat off to him. Because I breathe with her…I take her every hurt to be my hurt. And if you are the father of a daughter among sons, forget the sons; but of the daughter, you know what I mean when it comes to a daughter…at least in my case. And so he said, “When I heard of this relationship, it so annoyed me that I think I must have been in some strange way as you would be over Vicki, jealous of his monopolizing the time and the affection of this girl.

So I thought I would do exactly what she asked me, to free her.” Now remember, she wanted him out of her life without hurt; that was her desire. She appreciated his affection, his tenderness, his consideration, his generosity all these things. But then, when he got into her body and became that being, he wasn’t playing two parts; he severed himself from his body and took possession of her personality, her mask, her (??),  And then when it came to severing this relationship, he felt a great love when he entered her body. He said, “I can enter anyone’s body with love. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. So I got into this body, and then came the request for complete freedom from this relationship. At that moment, instead of being kind I treated him as you would scum. In other words, I even found myself using a physical gesture which I noticed one day she used, in the restaurant when a man tried to be offensive, and she turned up her nose and with a flick of the hand.” What that meant, I don’t know. It suggested that she simply expelled him, like something obnoxious, something that was offensive, from her. It was a complete expulsion from her being by the turning of the nose up and some flick of the hand.

“In this, as this lady (for I’m not the man, I am this being) I did the same thing. Now that’s not what she wanted me to do, but I did it. I completely expelled him from my life, as though he were obnoxious. But now here came the horror of horrors…I couldn’t get out of that. I am completely Beth; I can’t get out of her. And for six hours I struggled and wrestled with myself to the point where my wife said to me ‘who are you?’ I was panicked. I was scared to death that I would find myself in the nuthouse thinking I’m a girl. No one would know what I did to produce this. And yet, I couldn’t get out of Beth…I am Beth…I am this young woman. Finally, how I do not know, but finally after six hours of labor and struggle, somehow I got out. How I don’t know. I was so exhausted I fell into a sleep and slept for twelve hours, twelve unbroken hours. But, at the very end it was worth it, for the most heavenly voice of love spoke to me and it said, ‘I have restored my soul. I am now gathering my own in love, in beauty and in joy.’ And that was it.”

So, said he in a letter to me, “Having had this experience, Neville, I wish you would caution the class and tell them not at any time to exercise their Imagination save they exercise it in love; for they will be trapped as I was trapped. I moved into it willingly and eagerly through love, but when once in it something in…because she did not request this. When I brought about the divorce of the two she requested the whole thing would be severed amicably, in a loving manner, fully appreciated for what he had done at the time he played that part, but he will play no further part in my life.” He moved by some other feeling of ill will, exercised ill will while in her body and became locked in it. So, he was big enough and generous enough to share with me his own experience that I may share it with you and warn you that when you are going to exercise this enormous power for another, which is not on this level at all, do it in love and you’ll never go wrong.

It’s so altogether different, as we’re told in the 9th chapter of the Book of Jeremiah. We read these words: “Let not the wise glory in his wisdom, let not the mighty glory in his might, let not the rich glory in his riches; but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practice kindness, justice, and righteousness; for in these I delight” (verse 23). Now, he can’t practice these save outside of a man…a man is his agent. “I delight in men who practice kindness, justice and righteousness,” and every time that we do this he delights in us and rejoices in us. And so, the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God. The might of this world is as nothing in the eyes of God. The riches of this world that’s nothing in the eyes of God. But you take these qualities, kindness, and you take justice, and you take righteousness, which is right-thinking, and he delights in these, sayeth the Lord.

Tonight you can take it just as he took it. And he’s promised to share with me when other things…and he must be frightfully busy taking others from what he said in his letter to me. When these fantastic results appear I will tell you about them. They’ve already begun to appear. How intense he was in wearing the personality of others! This is the only one I know of where while in it he acted in, well, in an ill-will manner. But if he doesn’t act…and now he knows he shouldn’t, for he can be locked in

it and trapped, completely trapped. So by his own words, he said, “It’s so easy to get into any personality if I do it through love.” It’s like the sperm, for what is the sperm but the creative power of God. The sperm passes through the surface of the shell easily, and yet on the surface of the shell there is no hole, no opening, either before or after fertilization. So he goes in like the sperm of God. For what is the sperm of God? Just Jesus Christ… it’s called the seed: “And your seed, who is Jesus Christ” (Gal. 3:16, KJV).

So he speaks to your seed, your creative power. Your creative power is your own wonderful human Imagination. And it’s so easy to pass through the surface of the egg. Well, the egg in this case is this woman, or the man Eddy, or you, or me, or anyone that he selects to fructify as it were; to fertilize with a new concept of self, where it hatches out in a way unknown to the rational mind. If he so loves you that he would like to give you a lift in this world, having exercised this power he would find it very easy if love moves him to possess your personality; and while you then assumes for you-as-himself whatever he desired for you. If it is done in love he will not be trapped in you, and he will move out of it having fertilized it, and leave it to hatch out. It will hatch out. No power in the world can stop it.

This is the power of which I speak that is Christ Jesus. There’s no power on earth comparable to it, there’s nothing here. Talk about nuclear energy, talk of this power and that power, there’s nothing comparable to this. Talk of wisdom in this world, no. If you take the catalogue of wisdom and put it against those that he designated in scripture, the 12 chapter of the Book of 1st Corinthians, and he mentions all the states as they come down from on high (verse 28). The first is the apostle, and the second is the prophet, and the third the teacher, the fourth the worker of miracles, the fifth the healer, he comes all the way down, the administrator, and the last is the speaker of many tongues. Not glossolalia that people speak of today; the scholars of the world, the most brilliant minds of the world, comes under the heading of “many tongues.” And that’s the eighth segment.

So you, if the child is born and you stand in the presence of the risen Christ and you are sent, as you will be sent—if you stand in his presence, formerly were a man? And drive that with the wind against your hair, and pull the car to the curb; and then get out of that personality, and look at it from the sidewalk, and wave at it, and see this glorious smile on her face—to find the very next day she has that car, that make, that color and it’s a convertible and the top is down? Do you know of any power on earth like it? There is no power in this world comparable to it.

Yet, it remains a foolish power in the eyes of the wise. So you’re told that to the Jew—meaning not a person of a certain race, it means a certain state of mind—it’s a stumbling block, they can’t grasp it; and to the Greek

—meaning not that you were born in Greece, but to those who are called wise people, the intellectuals of the world—it’s all foolishness (1 Cor. 1:23). So they would not even listen, far less try it, so they wouldn’t even try it. They are the giants of the world, they’re all honored, so they wear all over their breasts the honors (??), but they come at the very bottom of the list of those designated in the 12 chapter of 1st Corinthians. They are the ones who are the great interpreters of the world, the great translators of the world, they’re the great scholars of the world, and so erudite they can tell you exactly what it meant originally, and give you wonderful things and they’re all part of the structure. For without them to give to one who is singled out for a purpose, he wouldn’t know the ancient script in its present form, which language he didn’t speak when he was here at a certain moment in time. And so, they give it to him in a language that now he’s assumed to tell the story, the story of Christ.

So I say to you, listen to him carefully…and use it only lovingly. For

if you don’t, you not only will be trapped…I wonder how many people tonight are in the institutions of the world telling others that they are Napoleon, that they are this, that and the other, who slipped into these personalities and became trapped? They did not slip in with love, or if they did while they were in it they took on the personality of ill will, as one of Napoleon would. He was simply…in one of his letters when he wrote to his girlfriend back in Paris, Josephine, and said, “I lost 1,200 men today…no one of importance.” Twelve hundred men but no one of importance! Well, that attitude, usurping that personality, you certainly wouldn’t be as you felt it and became lost in it, you would have nothing

But ill will. And you’d be trapped in it, and then they’d put you into the little nut house because you, being John Brown, are telling the people of the world that you are Napoleon. So how many are now in these states completely lost and trapped and can’t get out?

But I ask you, would you give up the use of electricity because the misuse is dangerous? Would you give up flying in a plane because there are occasional crashes and all go down? Well, even a ship at sea may be safer, but they do go down and hundreds are lost. And so, would you give up this pleasure of traveling across oceans or flying across oceans (??); sitting in a car because there are accidents; and because something could go wrong today with the electrical setup and the house could burn down? But if you rebuild the house because one burnt from a short circuit…you aren’t going to give it up. You’re going to put it back again and hope you’ll do a better job the next time, better insulation or something. Well, the same thing is true of this.

So he shared with us again his own experience and that is he can get into any personality just as easily as anything in the world, like going through the door. It’s so easy for him to assume your personality. But he knows now when you request something in love he must not alter it. He must…if he does take your case and do it, he’ll do it. That’s called in the state the miracle worker. It’s very high in the rankage—you read it in the 12th chapter—-you’ll see it’s the fourth one, very high (1 Cor.12:10). It doesn’t mean he can’t teach it, for the teacher is the third; and it doesn’t mean he can’t prophesy your tomorrow, because he did with Beth. He inwardly knew she was going to get that car, because she had the car, so the prophet is there too. And the apostle…he simply awaits the moment when he stands before the risen Christ.

No one is in line for the apostolic succession by any putting on of physical hands. So when certain groups of this world  claim that  they are, from Peter down, where they got into closed doors and voted in the same way that we vote here for President, and they call themselves the apostolic succession, forget it! No one is sent out by the risen Christ who does not first stand in his presence. When you stand in his presence the answer to the question is always love. For you stand in the presence of infinite love and he asks you, “What is the greatest thing in the world?” and you will answer “love.” He will embrace you and you will fuse with the body of love, an infinite body of love. And by his side is the personification of infinite power. You will know you will exercise power to the degree that you love; for there’s nothing greater than love. Love is the greatest, but here is power, the personification of infinite might, sitting right there.

But here, standing before you…now you are one with him, and you’re sent out to act. But you act only in love, because if you act in love you are never trapped, never trapped. If you act not in love, you run the risk of being trapped. He said, “I was scared to death that I’d be found in some nut house thinking that I am a girl.” And he meant it, every word of it. So he’s big enough, in spite of his position in the professional field, to share with us this. And I want to thank him for it. And I want to thank you for coming and also caution you when you go out to test it, and if you test it, see that you use only love when you exercise this power. The story is given to us “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” Can’t go wrong! Would I want it done to me? No, well then, don’t do it unto you. You can’t go wrong if that is your mark by which you exercise this power.

Well, when a man can sit here tonight and tell me that he finds it so easy, the easiest thing in the world, to pass through the surface of a being and occupy its personality that man is so high in the levels. For   I can say to you, yes, this presence has been born in him, completely born in him. And so, wisdom is justified by her children. Wisdom is the personification of God’s might and power and wisdom that is called Christ Jesus. For Christ Jesus brings forth in us himself, symbolized as a child. ‘That has been brought forth in him. And so, the child has been brought forth, so the wisdom is there and the power is there. At the present moment he’s now exercising the miracle power, but it doesn’t mean when you exercise one you can’t exercise the others; because the highest has been brought forth in him. If he hasn’t yet stood in the presence of the risen Christ, it doesn’t matter. He still can prophesy what’s going to happen, therefore, he’s standing on the second level. He

can teach it, that’s the third level. They’re all contained one within the other and you’ll find them all contained within the apostle, and he is contained within Christ Jesus. So he sent him out from himself.

So tonight you take it seriously, and don’t for one moment think anything is impossible to this power. There’s nothing impossible to the power. So whatever is asked of you accept it, and do it in love. Experiment! You won’t hurt yourself and you won’t hurt the other if you do it in love. Expect no return as to pay; expect nothing but the success of what you do. Don’t do it for one nickel, don’t do it for anything in this world, just do it for the joy of doing it. For what was his delight? He said, “My delight…I delight in kindness, in justice, in righteousness, in these things I delight.” So if you are rich don’t joy and glory in your riches. That’s nothing compared to what really is in store for you. For all the riches in the world would be as nothing to what’s really in store for you. He said, “The earth is mine and the fullness thereof…the cattle on a thousand hills are mine.” Were I hungry, I wouldn’t tell you…I would slay and eat (Ps. 50:10, 12). It’s all mine. So this is as nothing compared to what has already been prepared for those who awaken into the new age.

So, you take this, it belongs to the new age. What he did doesn’t belong

to this world. You see it exercised in this world, for in this statement he said, I do this in the earth, in that 9 chapter of Jeremiah (verse 24). He uses that little phrase wisely: In the earth I do it here that you may see. But it belongs to a new age, an entirely different world. So while we are here, we exercise and simply prove this power and prove this wisdom. It doesn’t make sense. The average person tonight who is considered a brilliant mind if he sat here, at the end if he’s a cultured person he wouldn’t scream while I’m talking, but when he got out of the place, he’d say, “Why that’s a nut house!” I mean that would be the impression of those who are brilliant in mind…it’s a nut house. And yet the people who are here are well dressed and they seem intelligent, you mean the same people come all the time? They’d ask a thousand questions about this. Because the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God; but, vice versa, the wisdom of God is foolishness in the eyes of man.

You read it carefully in the 1S t C Corinthians, the very first chapter.  He said, when I came, having been exposed to the risen Christ, I came determined to know nothing but Christ and him crucified (2:2). And he calls it the cross of Christ which was the power of God. Well, the cross of Christ is the power of God? It doesn’t make sense. All of a sudden, it is in you…this is the cross [body]. You discover something moving in you; and you can just disengage from this and put it upon another cross, and give yourself to that cross. Now listen to these words, “No one takes away my life; I lay it down myself. I have the right to lay it down and I have the right to receive it again” (John 10:18). So let no one take away my life… so he actually put his life out. To become someone else is to extinguish oneself, is it not? In effect to die…he died and yet not truly died.  That’s what we are told, “You will die…but not really die” (Gen. 3:3, 4).  So he died, he gave up his personality and took upon himself another. He knows exactly what that l0 Th chapter of John means now: “No one takes away my life, I lay it down myself.” He did, he deliberately put his personality aside and assumed the personality of another, and having done that he “died.” He died to his personality and lived to another. While he lived to the other, he gave it gifts and gave it gifts.

But  the  one  who  does  all  things  is  infinite  love.  So the moment he

departed from the gift of giving loving things and exercised intellectual ill will he was trapped, and couldn’t get out, and struggled for six hours. You know what it would be…that you can’t get out of a personality that is a female body and yet you are a male? What doctor in this world would believe it? I am surrounded in my little island of Barbados with doctors. I have doctors all over this country, too, who are relatives by marriage, and not one of them…my brother graduated a psychiatrist, practiced with the mental institution in Barbados for fifteen years, do you think he would believe it? He wouldn’t dream of this story tonight, that someone could get out, in an act of service, and then while in it be  moved  by some little ill will towards one he thought had monopolized this one’s life, and then by acting in that manner be trapped. Could he believe it? So he had his six years at McGill University in Montreal, and two  years  at  a university  in London  in tropical  diseases,  eight  years  in the great universities practiced, he’s a year my senior, all of his life in medicine, and yet he wouldn’t for one second believe it. He would treat anyone of that nature, as the whole vast world treats the snake pit. And that’s what it is.

But, he’s big enough…and I thank him  from  the  bottom  of  my  soul for sharing with us his experience that he may stop us…if we have any hesitation, don’t you do it. Don’t enter into the chamber of the other and do anything for them if within that chamber what you have to do is going to in any way arouse ill will, for you may be trapped. If you’re trapped, how are you going to explain to any man in the world of Caesar, that will satisfy their reason, that you are really someone other than what you are pretending that you are? You now are saying that you are a girl and yet your body reveals you to be a man. And so, they’ll put you away for safe keeping.

So here, we’re dealing with a power unknown to mortal man; we’re dealing with wisdom unknown to mortal man. There are other stories he told me and it’s too late to even begin  to tell  them,  all  in conflict with human wisdom, all; but much too long to go into. But I have his permission to tell them when the mood  possesses  me  to  tell  them… but it’s too late now…all based upon simply possessing  the personality of another and doing for them what they haven’t the faith to do for themselves.

Now let us go into the Silence.


Q: (inaudible)

A: Last Tuesday night, we made a very great point of the fact that he said that he retained his own mind. He thought from his mind through their personality, through their mask.  So that center, no one on the outside would (??) because they can’t see that center. That center is God, that mind that was detached and then assumed the state, the personality, the mask. But if he’s playing the personality of a woman and talking of a woman and how he feels dressed as a woman, who’s going to believe that it is not a distorted mind and that it should be, really, put away? So the mind was locked in a state and he talked about the state in which he was locked. He was doing for the state what the state couldn’t do for itself, for the occupant of that state didn’t have the faith to do it. It had no money and would think only in terms of earning enough tips and salary to gather together what it would take to buy the car.

He wasn’t concerned about how she had the money. He went to the end, got into the car, it’s her car. He got into the car as the woman and drove the car as the woman driving the car, and felt the whole thrill of possession; it’s a new car. She said to him today, “I can’t get it to go fast enough.” It’s a new car, you shouldn’t work it that fast so soon. And so her complaint is it isn’t going fast enough. Well, you shouldn’t burn it up in the beginning. I’m not an owner of a car, but I’m told you should simply ease it until it takes on, well,  (??).  And so he did for her what she couldn’t do for herself. But he never lost his identity. Had he lost his identity, he would not have known he was in a body other than his own. But he struggled to get out of that body; he couldn’t get out of it although he knew he was in something that was not his own. I’ve said that time and again: You never lose your own identity. You’re lost in a state and you don’t want to continue that state, but you know you’re not the state. You did for the state what you wanted to do for it. But you, the occupant, that sense of I-ness, never changes.

Q: On Tuesday evening, you emphasized the whole thing had taken place within a dream, a vision, and he had not as yet exercised it in the waking state. I take it that this story, though, is a waking state?

A: He wrote me a letter, which I received two days after I told the story here. I told it Tuesday night. He said, “Now to bring this story up to date. It was on Thursday that I had the experience; on Friday I went to the restaurant”—where he goes almost every day. She was so excited with her new purchase, she took the two of them right out and showed them the new car, the same model, same color, the same convertible. She took the letter—which I did not interpret correctly—at the bottom of the letter in her own bold script she wrote to me, but she didn’t say “Dear Neville,” she just simply wrote


It. She said, “When they came to dinner tonight, I showed them my new car. Beth.” Well, I didn’t know it was not…he typed his letter to me and signed it in his own script. But here came an entirely different script at the bottom in pencil: “When they came to dinner tonight, I showed them my new car.” Well, that could have been an imaginal showing. It wasn’t explained beyond that. It could have been that she had imagined she showed them, so I couldn’t tell that from the platform, I was waiting for confirmation. So to bring it up to date, he wrote me a letter saying, “Now I must tell you, when we went to dinner on Friday night, before we came here, when I brought you the letter, she met us in such an exited manner that she took us out and showed us the new car. It was the same color, the same make, and the top was down then.” So that really meant that was a fact now in the world of Caesar, not only in the world beyond this or above this.

Q: The second thing, getting locked in…

A: That was consciously done…that was consciously done.  The getting of the car was in the dream.

Q:  Well, he emphasized that there was so much love involved in this in the first place, as well as in this one, is it possible that the personality of the girl took over…

A: No. No, no, because she made it very, very clear she didn’t want him hurt. No, he confessed in his letter to me, which I brought up earlier, it could be that he loves her as I love Vicki. He could resent an older man monopolizing her time; and when it comes to divorcing this situation and separating it, then at the thought of

      (??) would come into it, and all of a sudden he would just do what he saw her do when one man tried to be offensive, and she turned up her nose and with a flick of her hand simply brushed him off as though we was the most obnoxious thing in the world, and sneezed him out of her life as it were. So he found himself repeating that same gesture in getting rid of this acquaintance. She didn’t ask that; she only asked to be free without hurt to the


Other. He was big enough to confess it was his own limitation and not hers that did it, because it was not her desire that he was expressing. He was bringing in his own little pique into the picture. On this level we’re all very human; extremely human, and quite often we do it with the one we love most. We’d rather cut our hands off, yet we did it anyway.

But in this case, it’s simply something that worked in him over the months when he discovered that he was offering his car, taking her home, finally moving into the house, she gave him a key to use it when she wasn’t there, and in his eyes that was not something that he should do. He wanted her free from this present job, gave her more money on a better job so that she can continue her studies as a singer. She wants to be a singer. She’s a beautiful girl, perfectly beautiful girl. She can’t be a singer if she’s going to live this sort of life and stay up all night just to express some satisfaction or some thanks for one who just transported her home. So he wants her disentangled from that kind of a job, to make more money, so she can pursue her studies as a singer. But if he will share with us, which he has, he’s been most generous (??). And so he will tell me nothing that I will not tell you, because he knows I can’t keep it quiet. So I’ve asked him to please forgive me for my outspokenness, because I’ve got to tell you as fast as it is told to me.

For, I am only here to tell the story of Jesus Christ. I have no other story to tell. I know nothing of the world of the scholars, nothing. That is something that is part of (??). When I tell you that I know vividly of a world, a fabulous place you may smile, but I haven’t gone into any home or homes or any estate or estates comparable to the estate that I gave up long ago. When I speak of a full complement of servants, I mean a full complement of servants. When I speak of secretaries and I speak of all that goes into glamorous living, I recall it vividly. And I came into extreme poverty, for nothing is poorer in this world than to be in the little island of Barbados wearing a white skin, but nothing. If I came into Barbados wearing a black skin, it would not be the limitation of coming in wearing a white skin. And

I remember vividly this enormous estate, my secretaries, not just a secretary, and there was such lusciousness and such abundance that my life was almost dead. It was a voluntary act on my part to give it up, and then assume complete poverty. That’s in scripture too…“Though he was rich, he became poor, that by his poverty you may be rich” (2 Cor. 8:9). That’s the story.

So today, the riches I possess in Spirit, well, you can’t compare the two, what I gave up to what I possess in Spirit. Though I have nothing in the world’s…I have money…I don’t get  it, they  never  send  it to me, so I just as well not have it. So they tell me what it’s worth, so I know what its worth, but it doesn’t pay. So they say, “Your stocks are worth so much.” So it’s wonderful to know they’re worth so much, but where are the dividends? “Oh, they’re in control, they’re plowing them in.” Well, they don’t plow them to me. And so, they have my stock; it’s worth so much, a fantastic amount, but it doesn’t pay me dividends. So I said to them, “You didn’t declare any?” “Oh, yes, we made money, lots of money.” “Well, where is the money?” “Oh, we’re expanding for the next generation.” By then, I will be simply in my other sphere. (??)

Q:      One final point on this example, did the girl achieve her freedom after this experience?

A:      Well, she’s still on the job. She has the car. That means…did she suddenly jumped up and got another job? No.

Q:      Did she get freed from this individual?

A: Well that I don’t know. I mean, after all, let’s not rush it. This thing happened last Friday. She has the new car. She has made a request since then to be free. He has taken it under consideration. He has granted that freedom in his Imagination, which is the only way to grant it, and then let it now break the egg and without injury to anyone. I’ve got to go now. One more and I’ll go.

Q: He did this though with ill will. Now, when he realized this, should he turn that aside now?

A: My dear, let’s not go into all these things. He confessed to me something which he asked me to please share with you and caution you not to do it as he did. I think that’s the most generous thing that one can do. And so, because of that, because tonight if I had not taken him at his word and shared with you how he was trapped, someone here may want another man who is already happily married, and then put herself into his body—or it may be one of woman and put himself into her body—and then treat the mate like scum, which neither wants that, and find himself shut in. So I’m warning you, when you exercise your Imagination, exercise it only lovingly on behalf of another. Whenever you do that you’ve done the right thing.