God the Protean Being Becomes Humanity



We claim that God, the creator of the universe, the creator of everything, is in Man that Man may become God. Now in this I do not mean he became a, one, little man; he became humanity and therefore he’s playing all the parts. Therefore, God is a protean being with the power to assume all shapes and play all the roles. In becoming Man, I speak now of myself, the individual, well then, I, too, am a protean being and I, too, play all the parts. There’s nothing in my world but myself made visible, nothing.

There’s a little dialogue in Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale and the queen speaks to the king, and she said, “Your speech I understand not. My life stands in the level of your dream which I’ll lay down?” The king answers, “Your actions are my dreams.” Your actions are my dreams. That is in the 3rd Act, the 2nd Scene of Winter’s Tale. He was telling what he had experienced, this greatest of all writers. So the queen could not understand his language, and when she protested that she couldn’t understand the language, he said, “Your actions are my dreams.” Well, here is this fabulous world in which we live…and each possesses God. God became you individually. Well, if God is a protean being, with power to assume all shapes and play all the roles, well then, in becoming you, because God is a unity in which there is diversity, well then, in this unity you see the diversity. You are now fragmented. The whole vast world is yourself pushed out…nothing but yourself made visible.

Now, let me share with you tonight what was shared with me this past week. A friend of mine writes, “I think this dream will interest you. In this drama I found myself in a suite of rooms overlooking the sea. I had just finished writing a letter to my mother when the front door opened and in came a woman. I said to her, ‘I was just about to go out to mail this letter to my mother when I remembered that she died.’ The woman said to me, ‘Your mother died long, long ago.’ Well, that surprised me, said he, I didn’t realize she’d been gone that long. Then I said to her, ‘Has my mother been paying the expenses of this room, this suite?’ She said, ‘No, the undertaker has been doing it, but he felt that it was better that you should think that she was providing for you until you came to your senses.’ And then I awoke.” What an experience! We think…now here, he said “I have always known that my mother was the symbol of the material world. For when I came in it was the first one I knew beyond anyone else or anything else. And this was the world and she symbolized the material world. Well, his mother did die a few months ago, but not long, long ago…only a few months ago. So here, in this vision he has died to this world.

Well, in the dictionary you get no comfort from the word “undertaker.” Undertaker means—in the most elaborate dictionary that I know of which is Webster’s Unabridged and the last one is the Third International—it defines it as “to take on a service; to compile a book; to be a publisher.” In other words, this is a kind of a service…you undertake to do something. But that’s not what it means to me. So this afternoon while on the bed thinking of this letter, I stretched out, didn’t sleep, just stretched out for half an hour when suddenly from the depths of my soul it came. And it’s not in any dictionary that I know of, but this is what came to me. This gentleman who writes the letter, he has already been elected to a high office in a new world. It’s an entirely different age, not this age at all…but here is a shadow world. We come up for election in November. If the present ruling body is not reelected, someone will be, but they will remain in office until the new ones take over. In that interval, they’re preparing that which has been rejected for burial; for an undertaker is one who prepares the dead for burial. So the present regime will be buried as the new takes over. There is always an interval between being elected and taking office, and so in that interval… and he is waiting only in the interval, because he has left this world. This world is no longer his. He will continue, he will write, he’ll publish, he’ll make money, he will do all the things that he is called upon to do because he knows the law. But he is waiting out the interval for the call. He has already received it, for the dove has descended upon him, and so that has sealed his election to the high office in an entirely different age, a different world.

So, the undertaker, yes, the undertaker has been doing it, and he felt that it was better that you should think that your mother was providing for you—that is the world, the earth—until you come to your senses. Well, that story is told in the Book of Luke…I think it’s the 15th of Luke (verse 11). In the 15th of Luke, the prodigal son comes to his senses, and who does he remember?—he remembers his father. In this world, Christ has no father, he only has a mother. In the world to come, he has no mother, he only has a father and he is the father. So here, there is a mother and he knew that mother was simply the symbol of the material world. But he is moving into a world where there is no mother. He leaves this behind; he moves into a world where there is only father…but “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30). So he moves into that world where he fits into the place where he’s been called, where he’s elected. I think it’s a perfectly wonderful experience that he’s had!

Now, let me share another. See this whole vast world in which we live we saw it before we set forth and have since been trying to remember it, trying so hard to remember. If one could only remember when God laid himself down within me to sleep, if I could remember that moment in time, then I’d return there. And when I awaken, I am he, for he laid himself down as my very being to dream it. But being a protean being, which is unity in diversity, I find myself dreaming this fantastic world with unnumbered people in it, and thinking every one is different; not only from themselves but certainly from me detached. So I look out upon a world and I see it and think each that I see is completely independent of my perception of it and it’s not. I will know in dream that it isn’t, but when I come here I don’t realize I am continuing the dream. This seems so real I don’t realize I am continuing the dream. This seems so real I don’t realize I still am picking up the threads and continuing the dream.

So let me share with you another. She said, “I was listening to the tape that my husband brought home, and then I fell asleep that night. I didn’t realize I was dreaming, but in my dream I saw myself detach itself from what I thought to be myself. I am actually coming out of myself, but I did not know I was dreaming when this thing began to happen. Then I found myself in this detached body, just like the one out of which it came, the same body, it doesn’t differ, and here in a world I’m walking just above the cobblestones. I’m almost gliding. In this world I can be any place I want to be by simply desiring to be it. I don’t have to travel; I desire and there I am… an entirely different world as far as motion goes and yet a world like this. I saw all these little shops, sweet little curio shops, along this cobblestone road. When I came to, I heard, I saw these little things,” and she said to herself, “Neville said that this world is just as real as all the other worlds, all the worlds are equally solidly real. So I went over to one of the shops and I reached up and held one of the signs. There it was and made of wood. My hand did not penetrate it, it didn’t go through, it was solidly made of wood. Then I knew that he had said the truth…it is solidly real! I came to the end of the road and here was a rustic entrance into a residence, and I knew that I was invited into that residence to eat something.

“So I went in and prepared myself by washing, and as I washed up someone said to me, ‘Do not antagonize him’ and I knew that they meant the one who was head of the house. After I washed up, I went into the room and I sat at a round table, it had a black checkered cloth. Nothing was on the table. Then this head of the house came in and he resembled a Grant Wood picture, tall and gaunt, thin, a high forehead, a man of the earth, of the land. Then he said to me, ‘Love is the greatest thing in the world…there’s nothing but love.’ Well, with that I agreed. Then he said to me, ‘You’— meaning the world from which I came, the people from which I came; not me individually but the world, the people from which I came— ‘you came from the mating of a vulture and a…’ It named some other little thing and she couldn’t get the name, but she got the impression it was a furry animal.

With that she couldn’t agree, but she remembered you must not antagonize him, so she didn’t disturb him. She thought that “this is the time for me to depart. She knew now that she was out of this body; she didn’t realize she was dreaming within a dream. She started a dream, then she came out of the dream body into this body, and here she is in an entirely different world. She said, “In the past I would imagine myself on my bed in Canoga Park, but this time I couldn’t remember that I fell asleep in my home at Canoga Park and so I said to myself, ‘Where did you lay down the body to sleep?’ At that moment the house cat cried to be let out, and so I woke and let the cat out.” Then she said, “I realized the truth of what you teach that we do travel in worlds, there are worlds within worlds within worlds and they are all as solidly real as this world is real.” Yes, every thing… including all that he said.

Now may I tell her for her own satisfaction (she’s here tonight) this world is the mating of the vulture and the animal. A vulture feeds upon carrion; it feeds on all that is dead. When the dove descended upon me, the voice of God speaking through a woman, Bathqol, and she said to me, “The birds avoid man because they give off a most offensive odor, but his love is so great for you that he penetrated the ring of offense and came down to demonstrate his love for you.” So this world in which we live, we’re so accustomed to it we do not know its stench. Have you ever gone to Chicago near the stockyards? Well, there are thousands who live near and work in the stockyards all day and they are immune to it. And you hold your nose and you can’t stop it, you have to breathe. When you come near it you simply close your nose and try to get as far away as you can. That goes on seven days a week all through the year, and there are tens of thousands who work in the stockyards. Well now, that stench, they are immune to it; and we are immune to the stench of death in this world.

So, you come from the mating of the vulture and she mentioned some little furry creature, also one who lives on death. For the vulture doesn’t kill its prey; the vulture waits until the thing dies and then it descends and eats the dead carcass, and so they are scavengers the world over. So he was telling her in his own way where she came from. And yet this is so important in God’s world, this is the limit of contraction…this is the world of death. Man has to overcome death. It is God overcoming the great thing called death; the last enemy to be overcome is death, and only God overcomes death. So God in man overcomes death and resurrects and ascends from this world of death. And then he moves into an entirely different world, the conqueror, far transcending anything he ever was prior to the descent into the world of death.

Now here is another one. These lovely ones came in this week. He said, “I rode home as I do from here, it was the Monday night, it was last Monday and I was thinking on my way home all that you said about the gospel. And I was dwelling upon the whole thing, the gospel, and this world is no more yet no less a dream than the worlds that we call the worlds of dream, and I became more convinced, a greater clarity of thought possessed me, and a greater conviction than ever before that this is indeed really so. So when I got home I had dinner, and then I watched the TV for a while, then I stretched out on the floor before the fireplace and turned on the tape to hear it again. Well, the lateness of the hour, the heat of the fireplace, and having just dined, I think I fell right into a deep sleep. I didn’t hear one word of the tape; I was awakened by flipping of the end of the tape against the empty reel. Half awake, I dragged myself up and went to bed, and this is my dream. It’s a balmy evening and I am walking from the neighborhood grocery in the company of a family who lives opposite where we live…they actually live opposite. But when we got to their home, unlike their present home in 1968, it’s a Japanese-type building inasmuch as it’s built on stilts. When we got to the house we all moved into the house, that is, moved towards it, and went towards a bridge, a little footpath across a very wide and shallow flowing stream that covers almost the entire land…beautiful gardens. The family continued into the house and I remained on this little footbridge across this very shallow but crystal-clear water as it flowed through almost the entire area. I’m enjoying the beauty of the gardens, such beautiful gardens, and I notice how clear the water, crystal clear, and how clean it is. I sat on that bridge and washed my feet; and then I realized how clean my feet were, and how good they felt after I had washed them. Then I awoke.”

Well, here is scripture. Now this is the 13th of John where Christ washes the feet of the disciples (verse 5)…but Christ is in him. The body he wears now he has disciplined to make it obey his will and perform his purpose. He’s washing the disciple’s foot when he washes it, and when he washes it, it symbolizes that he is clean all over. This is the essence of cleanliness of all beliefs prior to this moment. He was dwelling on this state of the gospel, and whatever he might have held in his mind’s eye—and we’re all confined by our little beliefs—he washed them all from him in that moment. Then he said in the letter, “Is it relevant? You spoke of a gentleman in the audience who a week or so ago had a dream where he stood on the beach and there was either Bud or myself who spoke to him to direct him towards a rock out to sea. Well, at the same time I had a similar dream. I was on a beach, I was clothed in a white robe, and a man was asking me how to get out to a rock a way out to sea. On that rock you could see one or two people. There were either two or three rocks, I’m not quite sure, I didn’t bring it back vividly. But here I am looking out to sea, and you could see a figure or two, and instantly we are on the rock, and here is a little blonde girl of either eight or ten and a young woman. And then I awoke. I do not remember anything beyond that, but it so happened that was my experience at the time that he had that experience.” I say we are a protean being, and the experiences of one, which is God’s experience, has to be the experience of all. All will experience it.

And now, here is another. She said, “In the Valley, this man is a very important man in the police department, and he and his wife have been my friends for years. They are devoted. They are a devoted married couple. But in my dream he turns to me and asks me to marry him, and I said yes, and he embraced me. Here is his wife not hurt or angry but in agreement. I could hardly believe that she would consent to sharing her husband with me. His name is Paul; her name is Marge. I’m looking at her not suspiciously but glancing at her to see if she really isn’t angry because of this deep affection that he has for me…and I’ve consented to marry him. Then I woke and it’s 4:30, so I went back to bed and re-dreamed the dream. But at the end of the dream, a voice is speaking from within me, and the voice said, “That is not Paul G., that is the scriptural Paul.”

Now what an experience! She has accepted…the marriage to Paul of scripture is to accept his gospel that there is no earthly Christ, that there is no Christ after flesh and blood. “Henceforth, I see no one from a human point of view; even though I once regarded Christ from a human point of view, I regard him thus no longer” (2Cor.5:16). That, are you so foolish? Haven’t you heard, it was all portrayed before you as crucified? So she has completely accepted, in the union, this gospel: That the Christ of whom Paul spoke, that’s what he offered, he offered himself. If he offers himself and you take his doctrine, you’re married to his doctrine. It’s not a little union between man and woman, he is his gospel. And you have accepted his gospel that there is no human individual little thing called Jesus Christ, that the Christ of his gospel is that universal God that actually became man and is crucified upon man. So he said, “I have been crucified with Christ” and she has accepted that. If he is risen in one, he will rise in me for he is crucified in all. He rose in one, well then, he will rise in me. That’s what Paul is saying. The crucifixion is over, the resurrection is taking place, and she has been wedded to that state.

So it was not the Paul G. who is a very important person on the police department in the Valley; it is the Paul of scripture to whom she gave herself, and he accepted…and then the voice said…and Marge was only a witness to it. Marge was not the Marge of the Valley she witnessed. Everything in this world is a symbol and she only symbolized the witness. You must have a witness to this affair. There must be at least two or three witnesses to have it conclusive, and so these two bring the one and she is there as a witness to this that has taken place. So it’s not coming between two friends in the Valley…that you are coming in between Paul and his wife Marge. But he only symbolized the Paul of scripture and his wife Marge, which means union, she is now a witness to what has taken place in Spirit. And these have been fantastic in the unfolding of this wonderful mystery as it unfolds here. I can’t tell you my thrill!

So here, God is a protean being, and in becoming me I am a protean being. Protean is from Proteus, the legendary sea god, who served Neptune, with the power to assume any shape in the world; therefore, it means “capable of change.” It means with the capacity to play all roles. So you can speak of a company whose head is a protean actor: That could be an actor, an acting company, where the head can play male or female, old or young, any part. Or it could be an actual company in business where the man who heads the company can take over any part in that company and run it. He came up from the bottom and he played all the parts, and so he can play any part. A great couturier not only can design, he’s a great administrator. He runs shops and makes a fortune every year, but he can design and he can execute the design and sew it and fit it and bring it to its perfection. The great couturiers can do it.

And so, he is a protean actor. In the average part of the world they’re not protean actors as yet. They are…but they don’t know it, because they fight with these shadows on the outside, not knowing they are themselves. Now, God is simply, as far as I am concerned, the whole vast world is the soliloquy of God, wherein God is talking to himself. But he became me, so my world is my soliloquy, and I too am talking to myself. As God said, “My word shall not return unto me void. It must accomplish that which I purpose and prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Is.55:11). Blake said, “Oh, what have I said? What have I done? O all-powerful human words! You recoil upon me in the blood of the Lamb slain in his children” (Jer., Plt.24). He died to become all. And so I ask, “What have I just said? What have I done? O all-powerful human words! Then I stand watching my words return clothed in the actions of others, and don’t recognize my own harvest.”

Here, I told you a few months ago of a friend of mine who gave us tickets to Ionesco’s show. It’s Exit the King or The King Dies…they have different titles for it. Well, I’ve been reading the different reviews as they came out in New York. No reviewer seems to get it. The last one, Kerr, he got it but he couldn’t grasp it, couldn’t quite understand it. He said, “Others have said that when one dies they depart this world. Ionesco’s telling us that when the king dies, the world is taken out of him.” And that stunned him. And that’s true. So he really gave it a good review, but he had all of these question marks. How can the world be taken out of man? For the king is the only one who plays the parts. Just as in Shakespeare when the queen said, “You speak a language that I understand not. My life is in the level of your dreams which I’ll lay down?” and he replies, “Your actions are my dreams.” Same thing! Now whether Ionesco built his wonderful drama on that thought, for he is a great dramatist. But they made so much…and they couldn’t see the great story. They all left the theater confused, he said. Now this is the outstanding critic in New York today. He writes for the New York Times. It’s an excellent story, but he couldn’t see how the world is contained in man. When man departs this world, which is his mother, he goes into a world where there is no mother, only father, and he is the father…and all this ties together.

So I tell you, you are living in this fabulous wonderful world and God is playing the parts. When you come to your senses, you will depart and there will be no world. You’ll be in a world that is completely created—you are the creator—and you’ll create anything you want, and do it at will. That is your destiny, for you are destined to awaken as God. In this world, we think we have opposition and we’re playing against that one, that one, and the other one, and we’re fighting shadows and we do not know who we are. So let me repeat: God became as we are that we may be as he is. But because God is a protean being, in becoming me I too am a protean being. But God in his sleep doesn’t recognize…because he sleeps in me.

Now, let me share with you an experience of mine. It all comes back to memory, remembering. In the 42nd Psalm it states, “These things I remember, as I pour out my soul: how I went with the throng, and led them in great procession to the house of God, with gay shouts and joyful songs of thanksgiving, a multitude in festive”…a multitude, it’s a festive gathering. Well, that night when I remembered this experience, here I am leading this enormous throng, as far as the eye could see, when suddenly a voice screams out, out of the blue, “And God walks with them!” And this woman at my side asked the voice—couldn’t see any similitude, no face—she simply questioned the voice, “And where is he?” meaning, where is God if he walks with us? The voice answered, “At your side” and she turned to her left and looked into my face and became hysterical. It struck her so funnily that the voice could even imply that the one at her side was God walking with them. She said to the voice, “Is Neville God?” and the voice replied, “Yes in the act of waking.” Then the voice continued but only for my ears—my out-pictured self did not hear it, only I heard it—and the voice came from within me. The voice said, “I laid myself down within you to sleep, and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed…” and then I knew the end, I knew what he was dreaming, he was dreaming that he is Neville, and when Neville awakes, he is the dreamer, who is God. So he said, “Yes in the act of waking.”

Now, if I have access to such memories, can you not imagine that such forms are swept into the vortex of the dreaming soul…that the whole vast world is swept into the vortex of a dreaming soul? For when it came to the end and I realized what he was dreaming, I became so excited that I returned to the garment on the bed…but I returned in the form of vortices. My hands were vortices, my head a vortex, my side a vortex, and my two feet vortices, like a Mogen David, a six-pointed star. And here I am nailed to this by vortices. Well, could not these forms that I am beholding all be swept within the vortex of the dreaming soul? I tell you yes. They were swept in, in the beginning, for this was only memory. I remembered when they were all swept in, in our journey to the house of God. And here, in the midst of it, all swept into this one being who is a protean being in whose unity is diversity. And here, my whole diversified self even questioning, arguing, and denying what a voice is saying—and then all swept within to unfold in time and to awaken as all that the voice said. Then all the arguments are hushed. When you present the evidence then all arguments come to an end. So we come back as witnesses to all that was told in the beginning.

So in the beginning it was told as you’re told in the 3rd of Galatians: “And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathens by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying ‘In these shall all the nations be blessed’” (verse 8). So here, we start off as Abraham, a man of faith, who had to enter the world and be enslaved; and then he returns multiplied beyond measure because of his journey. So you and I have to embrace the fires of experience, be consumed as its victim, and then rise as the Father…for he overcomes death. So we embrace this horror that this lady spoke of—you, the result of the mating of the vulture and this furry creature that gives off a stench, for it feeds only on death. So we enter this world, a horrible world where everything dies, and we feed on death, everything feeds on death. This little thing…the Wall Street Journal once a year brings out a paper, a humorous paper, and all the people who serve the area in restaurants and clothing shops, they run an ad. This has always amused me. This restaurant ran this ad: “We serve prenatal chicken and post-mortem chicken.” It’s a humorous ad, it’s funny, but it’s true. But man doesn’t want to dwell upon the truth, he eats only the dead. And everything here is dead and we feed upon the dead.

So my friend who saw this…the symbol of his mother has always been to him the material world, for she was the first that he knew, not only of a person but of anything, and she was always that protector. And he thought, “Well, isn’t mother paying for these rooms?” “No the undertaker…he felt that it was better that you should think that she was providing for you until you came to your senses.” Well, I know it is not long before he completely comes to his senses and fulfills his election, for he has been elected. This whole vast world, symbolized by his mother…she is gone, so she died… and the world has died, but he continues in that. If I’m using it for the first time…I asked my friend David tonight and he’s quite up on the use of words. I asked my wife and she certainly has a marvelous command of English and she knows her words. She can take the craziest crossword puzzle and in no time she has it done. And so she said, “I’ve never heard of that before, not used in that manner “an undertaker government.” Well, I got it tonight intuitively, while dwelling upon my friend Bob’s letter. I didn’t sleep, I was simply there… “Undertaker government.” So one goes out, but it still remains in, and the other will come in within two months. In that interval, they make no serious decisions, no real things to change policy, because a new one is coming in. The public has spoken and they’re coming in for that new voice. So the old simply has to bury the body. The undertaker is one who prepares the body for burial, so the government that has not been accepted to continue in office is the “undertaker government.”

Now, whether you will accept it or not, I say try it. So it may be used for the first time right this night from the platform, so what! Who can stop me from using it? Someone questioned my right back east, this rabbi, he said, “You use the word Imagination in a strange way, you speak of an imaginal act. That isn’t a word.” I said it isn’t? Well, then I made it one. You go home and you dwell upon it. It is an imaginal act. You speak of a mental act? Well, can’t I speak of an imaginal act? “But it isn’t in the dictionary.” Well then, put it in, I said. Write whoever you have on the Board and tell him of a new word, that it is an “imaginal act” and it’s now in book form before your dictionary, so you better get it in or you will be simply passé. But he didn’t like that. We’d been on radio for, I think, eight hours. Came on at midnight, went all the way through ’til eight in the morning, one of those long, long things. The one who conducted it, his name was Long, Longjohn. So you kept talking and talking, all these arguments all through the night. I had it for three successive years, and I haven’t done it any more because it’s too tiring. You stay up all night and then the next day you’re lecturing again and you’re out of breath and your throat is sore from eight hours of talking…and a lot of nonsense anyway.

So here, I tell you the undertaker or the “undertaker government” can be used. You try it. If Johnson doesn’t get re-elected, he has to go ’til January and he is an “undertaker government” because it has been buried. The policies have been rejected and he has to close up the book and reject it and he’s going to bury it like an undertaker prepares the dead for burial. It may be too new for someone to understand, but you understand it.

Let us go into the Silence first.

* * *

Q: These worlds within worlds that you spoke of tonight, are they still all part of this world we’re living in?

A: Yes, my dear. This is the most important world. This is truly the world of death. Others, yes, they are, but this is the world of death. This is the world that really smells to high heaven to which God had to descend to reach the limit of opacity and contraction. You are blessed to be here. You know why? There are unnumbered waiting to get through. And we are passing bills for abortion and to limit population explosion instead of using our Imaginations to find the way to feed infinite numbers. We can do it! I heard George Washington Carver…the year he died he spoke in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria. Now he gave us the peanut butter, he gave us the peanut oil, he gave us something like 700 by-products of the peanut and the southern pine. He addresses the body of men, all great scientists, educators, publicists, all these intelligent, fine men and women, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we in America using only the southern part, south of the Mason-Dixon line, we could feed and clothe the entire world from the by-products”—which he called the third-kingdom.

Feed and clothe the entire world! No, our economy does not allow it…and so you stop them. Well, I have a little news for them they aren’t going to stop them. They aren’t going to stop them coming in with all the pills in the world. I haven’t seen where Rockefeller, who wants to become President, he has stopped it. He got a second one when the first one stopped producing. So he is going to stop others from doing it? You aren’t going to stop it. That impulse is the beginning of the impulse that started in the beginning, and you aren’t going to stop it. When someone says now they’re going to stop it, they haven’t overcome it. Nature has outlawed it, they’ve grown too old. They want to pass laws because they are impotent, so, they’re going to pass laws. Well, let them pass laws from now ’til the ends of time, they aren’t going to stop it. Unnumbered are waiting to come through into this world, which is the limit of contraction. This is the limit; there is no more contracted state then here, no more opaque state than here. You are blessed to be here. If you come in here and you are warped, you are blessed. If you come in here blind, you’re blessed. Without arms, you’re blessed just to be here. This is the limit of contraction. They’re coming through and no one’s going to stop them.

Someone proposed—I think it was Huxley’s half-brother, Julian— that you should take only the intelligent and take the semen from them and the wise lady and put it into her. What nonsense! What is his contribution to the world? He thinks he’s intelligent. He’s accepted a theory that is now completely unproven. Hasn’t a thing to do with the world, but now that is the way to think…and to put that into someone else. It reminds me of George Bernard Shaw when this famous dancer wrote him and suggested they have a child…have an affair and have a child. “With your intelligence and my beauty, wouldn’t that be a tremendous contribution to the world!” He wrote back, “Suppose it reversed itself and it had your intelligence and my beauty?”

Good night.