Trust in God (10-16-1967)


Tonight’s subject is “Trust in God. But to trust in God, I should have some idea of who God is. I dare say if you asked anyone who calls himself a religious person if he believes in God, he would say yes, I believe in God. But you would get as many opinions concerning God as there are people that you ask. So when we say trust in God, in what God? And I mean that of everyone in the world. So tonight we’ll try to clarify it and ask you to really trust in him, and watch the changes take place within your world.

Now here, we are told in scripture, “When I go to the people of Israel and I tell them that I came from the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, and they say to me, ‘What is his name?’ what shall I say? And he answered, say unto them, ‘I AM has sent you. Just say I AM has sent me to you, for that is my name forever, and thus shall I be known throughout all generations’” (Exod. 3:14-16). There is no other name. Now, do you believe in that as God? When you read in scripture, I AM the Lord, that is my name…my glory I give to no other… my praise to no graven image? When you read “I am the Lord,” do you know that the same word translated “I AM” is translated “the Lord?” It’s Yod He Vau He. So, you could say “I am the I AM.” So you cannot speak of another as “I AM.’ As you are seated here, “I am” that’s God. That is the one speaking in scripture that is saying “I am the Lord.”

Now, do you give your glory to another? You are told, I do not give my glory to another (Is. 48:10). Well, haven’t you heard—and undoubtedly we’ve all been guilty of this—someone is lifted up in the mind’s eye through publicity; a great general returns from a successful campaign and millions follow him. I saw it in New York City when Eisenhower came home and he paraded. When MacArthur came back to the East Coast I was at the University Club the day that he came out…when everyone bowed before him. Giving your glory to another, that is simply worshipping a false image if there is no other God but the God that is housed within you when you say “I am.” That’s he. I am the Lord; that’s my name. Now when I ask you to trust in God, I mean that God, the only God, no other God. “Make no graven image unto me” (Ex. 20:4). Well, you make it something out of marble, out of metal, or you see it pass by in the form of another and then you bow and worship it.

Now let me share with you what was shared with me this past week, a perfectly wonderful story. Let me tell the first practical side of it. This only happened to her a week ago, the first part…she’s here tonight. Well, here in this story she said, “I have a neighbor, a woman, and she bothered me. She came daily and she whined and she carried on and she told all of these horrible stories about herself, and I tried to convince her that she could overcome it by the simple use of her own Imagination. But she kept on whining and whining and whining. She got on my nerves. But it was really embarrassing to me because she referred to me to all others as her one true friend. I, her one true friend…and here the woman is tiring me, she’s bothering me, the same old story over and over again, whining and complaining. Yet she would send me her homemade pies and potato pancakes and all the other things she would send me. So I thought, I’m going to imagine her just perfect, just right. But in spite of my imagining it just simply didn’t work, she kept on persisting in her negative states.

“Then one day, in desperation, when I found myself in my home which embarrassed me that I was hiding from her, in my own home, I would go into the back bedroom and hide so she wouldn’t think I was at home. When I went out and had to pass her apartment I tiptoed. Well, I thought now this is going too far! Something has to stop somewhere. And so I thought to myself, now I must revise her. Yes, I could have her move away, I could have her become a happy person and have all the things she wants, but I’m going to confront that woman sometime over and over again no matter where I go. So maybe I’ll move, but I’m still going to meet that character; and the only way to overcome that character is to love her, which was a very difficult proposition for me, for I began to despise her. The very sound of her voice, the thought she was coming to the door, everything was distasteful to me. But I started to revise her…and I started falling in love with loving her which I did. I didn’t always succeed, but I tried it and tried it. Yet the next day when she knocked on the door and came in, then my old mood returned. But again I revised it.

“One day I really felt that I truly believed that I loved her, I really did. I felt that I love her. It was a Friday morning and I was unusually exhausted, just exhausted and drowsy. It was morning, so I simply sat on the sofa and in no time fl at I fell into a deep, deep sleep, and suddenly I’m on a lovely lawn, sitting in the shade of a perfectly marvelous large tree and enjoying it. Here in the distance a figure is approaching, and who is it?—my neighbor. She is coming and”—said my friend in the letter—“she looked like a goddess. What beauty! A magnificent creature is coming and it is my neighbor, the same face but transfigured, the same body but transfigured, wearing a beautiful long white gown, long lose sleeves, and belted with brilliant silver, wearing silver bangles and silver earrings. She came forward and I was entranced with her beauty. She leaned over and kissed me and then she said, ‘I’ve come to tell you that I’m moving. I’m going away.’ I rose and I embraced her, and I’ve never felt such an emotion of love. I embraced her and kissed her, and really wanted it, I felt it, and told her, ‘I love you.’ I wanted to repeat it, but at that moment she turned and went off in the distance and departed. There I stood completely enamored with the beauty of this friend of mine that I now truly loved. Then I said to myself, I’m going to make a dress just like that. It’s a simple line and it should not be hard… it’s simply a simple line and so I’m going to make it. I started plotting in the mind’s eye how I would go about making a dress just like that. And then I woke.”

Now said she, “This is Friday morning, I went through the day really and truly loving that woman. My whole heart went out to her with a love that I have not known before. Late in the afternoon there’s a knock at my door. I opened the door and here stands my neighbor, and she said, ‘I’ve come to say goodbye. I gave my notice this morning, I am moving.’” She said, “Neville, a power possessed me that I’ve never known before, that I could fall in love with a being that formerly I grew to dislike, and in so short an interval of time bring about a complete transformation in myself to be produced in the outer world reflecting it. For it first had to be within me.” As we’re told in scripture, “We love him, because he first loved us” (1John 4:19). Well, if I’m an imitator of God as a dear child, as I’m told to do in Ephesians, “Be ye imitators of God as dear children” (5:1), well, if this is how he brings about a change in the outer world, then I must imitate him in the similar manner. I must fall in love with the thing, whether it be wealth, whether it be fame, whether it be anything in this world. I must want it. In this case, she knew as she ran from this woman, though she prayed for the departure of the woman or herself, either would be welcome, if she left the neighborhood or the lady left the neighborhood, either would be a most welcome relief. But, that could not save her, for she would meet the same character in someone else and keep on meeting that character. She had to resolve it by revising it and falling in love with that being, so when she departs she will not meet that character ever again in any unlovely state. And so here, she fell in love with the woman. She said, “You know, I now feel like the earth and I feel that my continents have shifted slightly. An entirely different being now walks my floor…it’s not the being that was before.”

Now, that is her story to me. She fell in love with a being who presented herself in a certain manner. You fall in love. Every person in this world is only an agent bearing witness of something. God needs man as an agent to express love, to express hate; to express anything in this world it takes a man. Man is always the agent that expresses the qualities of God, and God is I AM. There is no other God. You will find other attributes about him, you will find certain characteristics, but you start first with the basic name. “Those who know thy name put their trust in thee” (Ps. 9:10). Put thy trust in the name of the Lord, you are told.

Well now, do you actually believe in yourself? It comes right down to that. Could you sit here tonight and assume that you are what you want to be and believe that it must come to pass and not turn to any other being on the outside, just assume that I am? Well then, who’s doing it? God’s doing it. And you name it, you name what you are, for all things are God’s and all things are possible to God. So you simply dare to assume that you are the man, the woman that you want to be. Can you believe that that mere assumption, if persisted in, will harden into fact? Well, try it…as this lady did it.

Now, here is a story from the same source. She said, “I found myself at the edge of a desert, a vast, vast desert. There were five of us—my sister, my brother-in-law, my husband, and another husband. I had two. The one I referred to as the other husband was an old one…I had known him forever. There was no time in my memory when I didn’t know him; I knew him forever. But the new one was near me. The five of us agreed to make the journey on foot across the desert and to return. That was our agreement and we started out.” Now said she, “Neville, I’ll tell you just the highlights, but imagine the most horrible journey in the world and that was it. You can’t conceive of something that wasn’t of a horrible nature on this journey. I’ll tell you just a few—the burning sands, the burning sun blistering our bodies, the exhaustion, the fatigue. When we came half way on the journey, here were millions of little fish squirming and jumping all over, and we had to go over the fish, and I could feel them under my feet as I crushed them.

“My young husband held my hand and assisted me. Beyond that I fell and struck my forehead either on a rock or a brush…but I do know it hurt terribly and it bled. Couldn’t stop the bleeding and the pain was excruciating. The journey continued, and when we got to the end of the desert, my father met us. I went straight to the bathroom, my father followed me, and asked me, ‘How are you, how do you feel?’ and I replied, ‘I’m fine.’

“Then I found myself back at the end of the desert and my four companions, my two husbands, my sister and my brother-in-law. And do you believe it, we decided to repeat the trip. We started back again, and everything we encountered the first time we re-encountered. But this time, on the second journey, I fell slowly but madly in love with my first husband, the one that I’ve known forever. Instead of being an old person, he was the embodiment of eternal youth. In spite of the heat, in spite of all, there wasn’t a bead of perspiration on his body. When I fell, as I did the first time, it was he who lifted me up and carried me across the hot sands. It was he who helped me all the way and I grew gradually into a consuming passion of love for this first husband. When we got back to the end of the desert, after going through all the horrors, we wondered how long did it take? It took four days, two days one way and two days the other way. Then my husband disappeared and I saw him on the top of a hill stretched out on a beautiful lawn, all relaxed. I couldn’t tell you my desire, my intense feeling of love. I got up that hill as fast as lightening, and just as I was about to throw myself on is body, I woke.

“I could not believe it was a dream. Here I am in my apartment, on my bed, and that was more real than anything I have ever done. I could not bring myself to believe that was a dream. I felt my head…it was still hurting. I took my hand from my forehead, there was no blood but the pain persisted in my forehead. While I am there pondering this thing, that it must be a dream but it can’t be a dream, the phone rings. My friend Lucy Hathaway is on the phone and I bubbled out my dream to her. She said, ‘It sounds to me like the Exodus’ and then after a short chat, I returned to my bed to ponder this. As I am pondering it, I thought no I’ll open my eyes and just see this room…is it really a dream or not? I opened my eyes and there at the foot of my bed stands a priest. Here is a priest.” Now this lady was raised in the Catholic Church. She may not be a practicing Catholic today, but she was, by her previous letters, raised in the Catholic Church…so here she sees a priest. Now she doesn’t know…she’s scared…“He’s come to hear my last confession. So here, I do not know what to do. Shall I tell him to get out or ask him what do you want? These two thoughts are circulating in my mind—to ask what he wants or to tell him to get out. And before my eyes he dims and dims and fades. I gingerly get out of bed and when I walked by the position where he was I avoided it and tried to go not through it but avoid it. I went into my dining room and there I sat to ponder this fantastic thing.”

Well, may I tell you, that is scripture one hundred percent. Let me quote you the 15th chapter of the Book of Genesis and then the 54th chapter of the Book of Isaiah. “And Abram fell into a deep sleep and a dread darkness fell upon him. And he Lord said to Abram, ‘Of a surety your descendants will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs, and they will be slaves there, and they will be oppressed for four hundred years; afterward they shall come out with great possessions’” (Gen. 15:12). Now, her four days is the same as four hundred years…forget the years, forget the days. In this biblical language the number is important. Every letter in the Hebrew tongue has a numerical value and a symbolic value. Four hundred has the numerical value of the last letter, tau, which is four hundred. If you want to write 400 in Hebrew you write tau. So 400 days, 400 years, 400 hours, 400 moments, 400, it’s simply tau. Its symbol is the cross. The cross in scripture is the human form. This [pointing to the body] is the cross; there is no other cross of which scripture speaks. The churches have completely misunderstood, and those who follow completely misunderstood and they think it’s a wooden cross or a tree. God is crucified upon of man. This is the cross, the tau.

In her case it took four days—there were two going and two coming. Together there were four days. But why the two and the two? Two is opposition, two is division, two is confl ict. The entire journey is one of slavery, one of conflict, one of oppression. But at the end you will come out with great possessions. Well, what is the possession? It began, she had a husband, she’d always known him, known him so long, known him so well that it became, oh well, it’s just not the real one. So she falls in love with a new one, the new husband. He takes her the first distance, and then the second one, the one who really was the first, takes her back. You’re told now in the 54th chapter of Isaiah: “Your Maker is your husband; the Lord of hosts is his name” (verse 5). You’re told in this, he will call you like a wife forsaken, one who is dispirited; but in spite of what you do, he will love you with an everlasting love. Your faithlessness, your…everything that you do, he will still in the end forgive you and take you back. You may say of man that “man is his emanation, yet his wife ’til the sleep is past.”

Now, strangely enough in this marvelous symbolism, in every lady in the world—when I call it lady, every woman is a lady in my eyes; she’s a lady whether she walks the street picking up thousands of men, she’s still a lady. She is the wife of God, just as every man is the wife of God. But in the symbolism, in the female form…Blake put it so beautifully, he said, “He for God only; she for God in him.” That’s how it goes. This way, you must find in the man you love all the qualities you expect to find in God. Show me a man’s dependents and I’ll show you the man. Don’t bring me his male dependents, they won’t give me a thing. But show me a man’s female dependents and I’ll show you the man; his attitude towards his female dependents will reveal that man. So, “He for God only; she for God in him.” Imagining Creates Reality 411

So in her, it’s symbolized as a husband. “Your Maker is your husband; the Lord of hosts is his name.” So at the very end, she finds what, in the beginning, was one she always knew as her husband, and she is about to throw herself upon him and become one being. For in the end your inheritance is God…you inherit God…for you become one being, no more two. The wall of partition is broken down and no longer are there two, it’s only one (Eph. 2:14)—you are God the Father. So whatever you fell in love with, you gave him your name, or rather, he gave you his name. You take the name of the husband, and his name is I AM. So in the end you only have one God, one husband, and it’s your own wonderful being, that’s God. There is no other husband. But in the symbolism it’s personified as a man that you truly can love. And so the journey is with the younger and you went astray. As you’re told in scripture they all went awhoring, everyone. They said they would serve God, but they didn’t serve God, they served false gods. They served leaders in the world, all kinds of things other than God. Any other god is a false god. You get before some little statue made by human hands and you bow before it, and you light a candle and put it before some little thing made with the human hand as a candle was made with the human hand. You genuflect before something made by the human hand and that’s not God. We’re all worshipping false gods.

So when someone could sit at home to bring about a complete solution of a horrible problem and fall in love with what formerly it hated, despised, and in no time fl at have it present itself in the form of a dream. And because of the dream, that portion of the day, called Friday, she really was madly in love before the door knocked. Before someone knocked on that door, she was madly in love with this neighbor…all produced by the dream. Then comes confirmation: “I have come to say goodbye,” the identical words that she spoke a moment before in the dream she now speaks outwardly. So what is the dream? Is this not a dream within a dream? The day will come, everyone will awake and this will be as you can’t believe it was a dream. It couldn’t be a dream…she felt for the blood…it’s still hurting… there is no blood. The day will come you too will not believe that this that is so real was by a dream. For you’ll wake from it and you will not believe, how could it be? I was imprisoned, I was a rich man, I was a poor man, I was a black man, I was a white man, I was this, a that, and that was only a dream? And you will be surprised to know it was a dream as she was surprised to know that that journey which they all agreed took four days was but a dream.

The dream within a dream…Abraham—he wasn’t yet called Abraham, he was called Abram. His name wasn’t yet changed to Abraham, the father of the multitudes. He was the father of mightiness, almightiness. The God who revealed himself to Abram did not reveal himself as he did to Moses. To Moses he said, “I AM, that is my name” (Exod. 3:14). To Abram and to the patriarchs prior to Moses, he revealed himself as God Almighty, El Shaddai, but not in the name of I AM. The fi nal revelation of God is “the Father.” When he reveals himself to you as the Father, he is not out there saying he’s Father. It’s the most unique way in the world that he reveals himself as Father. For his only begotten Son, David calls you Father, and you know you are the Father of God’s only begotten Son as told us in the 2nd Psalm: “Thou art my Son; today, I have begotten thee” (Ps. 2:7). That same David will come out and call you Father, and then you will know who you really are.

As you’re told in the Book of Acts, 2nd Acts…but you see, our scholars, brilliant as they are, they must make these wonderful revelations conform to their limited concept. Here in the 29th verse of the 2nd chapter of Acts, “We know that our patriarch David died and is buried, and we have his sepulcher with us even to this day.” Well, no archaeologist in this world can point out where that sepulcher is. Although church people will tell you, they will all tell you this is the place. That’s all nonsense. This is not a secular drama. But the word translated “with” is the preposition “in,” meaning “within.” And his sepulcher is within us to this day. He will rise from within you. He said, “You will not leave your servant in hell.” Then he calls upon him to rouse himself: “Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord?”— that word Lord is I AM—“Why sleepest thou, O Lord? Awake! Do not cast us off forever!” (Ps. 44:23). And so, David is appealing to the Lord to wake. Only if the Lord wakes can he be lifted up; for it’s the Lord, and only the Lord, who by waking actually is resurrected. When he wakes, his whole vast world that he took with him begins to awake within him. In the beginning, he took with him his Son and promised him he would not leave him in hell. For this world is hell!

Then one day he wakes, and he brings up David, and David stands before him, the eternal youth, and calls him “my Father.” Then man knows who he is—the Lord who slept and dreamed the horrors of the world for a divine purpose. As you’re told, only through tribulation—as you’re told in the 14th chapter of Acts—only through the horrible tribulation do we enter into heaven (verse 22). So this is the dream, and so today the world of conflict. Who’s going to stop it? No one’s going to stop it, because the same thing that you encounter on the way down, you encounter on the way up. Only a new husband walks with you on the way up, and you fall more and more in love with him. You fall more and more in love with the feeling that I can do it. You fall in love with I AM. It’s not Narcissus. You do not turn to any other being in the world; it’s all within yourself. You fall more and more in love with the idea that it’s all within me and I can change my world. I can make it come out just as I’m dreaming it now. I dreamed it as it is. I will change the dream and dream it as I want it to be…for I’m dreaming it from within myself. The source of all phenomena you trace back to your own wonderful human Imagination…and that is God. “Man is all Imagination and God is Man, and exists in us and we in him; the eternal body of Man is the Imagination, and that is God himself” (Blake, Annot. Berkeley, Laocoon).

Well, try it as she dared to try it. But remember, she took scripture literally. Take it literally. “We love him,” —why?—“because he first loved us” (1John 4:19). “Be imitators of God, now, as dear children” (Eph. 5:1). That’s how he did it. Well, I’ll start doing it…I’ll fall in love with a thing that I now hate, and persuade myself that I love it. To the degree that I’m self-persuaded it changes, the whole thing changes. Just imagine, she wanted to make a dress just like the dress that neighbor wore in her dream…a dress just like that. It was a simple cut, long white, belted with brilliant silver, and then all the accessories silver. And she was radiant like a goddess in her eyes, and so loved her that she found herself in the second dream loving her. Then comes the knock at the door confirming: “I have come to say goodbye.”

So I tell you, trust in God. If you trust him, everything you desire will come to pass. “Blessed is the man…who delights in the law of the Lord… for in all that he does he prospers” (Ps. 1:2). If you know who the Lord is! If you think now, well, I know a very marvelous man and he’s very wealthy and he tells me he’s going to help me…may I tell you, forget it, just forget it. They’re always telling you I’ll leave you in my Will. Forget that too, rub it out completely. They want you to be enslaved while they still persist in this world, and when the Will is read there’s no mention of you. But while they still are here and can get you for nothing, then “I’ll mention you in my will.” It’s the old, old gimmick in the world of slavery, and you’re told you shall be enslaved for 400 years…for as long as you wear the cross. So don’t believe in anyone outside of God and God is your own wonderful human Imagination.

I saw in this morning’s Times, the L. A. Times, a picture of a soldier, a Marine, and written on his hat, “In God we trust.” I hope he does. I hope he does and not just in words. He wrote it…we all have it, every coin in my pocket has “In God we trust.” But do I trust in God or the coin? If I could only get an extra million, they say, well then, I’ll believe in God. Get one million, they want two; get two, they want four. There is no satisfaction in this world of Caesar, but if you have God and really believe in God, take all from you you’ll rebuild it. Take everything…it all came out of me and I’ll rebuild it by simply walking in the assumption that I have whatever it takes wherever I go. Tomorrow, money may not be the medium of exchange, it might be something else, so take the money. Whatever is the medium, I will simply assume that I have it to meet my needs and it will come. So live by your complete trust in God. You’ll never go wrong if you trust him, but know who he is. You don’t go before any image and pray to it, you don’t bow before anything.

In this lady’s imagery, everything was pointing towards one thing: The Father. The very image…even with her eyes open she sees a priest. Well, trained as she was she would call him “Father.” She’s looking for the Father. Everyone is looking for The Father, and when you find The Father, you’re going to find God the Father as yourself. There’s no way you’ll ever know him unless his Son calls you Father. As you’re told in scripture, “No one knows who the Son is except the Father and no one know who the Father is except the Son and any one to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” (Mat.11:27). That’s the most difficult thing in the world to convince man of in this world that I have found, because we’ve all been trained to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; and I’m telling you he’s not, he is God himself. David is the Son of God, and David in the Spirit calls Christ, Lord. That word Lord is Father. Every son called his father, “my Lord.” As far as you go back, they always referred to their father as “my Lord.”

And so, he asked the question and then the answer is, well, “He is the son of David.” He said, “Why then did David in the Spirit call him Lord? If David thus calls him Lord, how can he be David’s son? And they asked him no more questions” (Mat.22:45). But I have spoken to priests, to rabbis, to Protestant ministers, to truth teachers, and they look at me as though I am completely insane, and I am telling them what I know from experience. “God makes himself known unto man in vision and speaks with man in a dream” (Num. 12:6). Well, mine is based purely upon vision; it is not speculation. So when I speak to the priests, they stand amazed because they weren’t taught that. They were taught the traditions of men and taught these as commands of God. But they’re not the commandments of God, these are only the traditions of men.

I tell you, the story is true. It’s all within us; and the Lord Jesus Christ is God the Father housed within everyone. David is buried in man, and when Christ in man resurrects, he is the Father. And then the Son will come out and he will know then who he is. He rises from the grave…and still after the resurrection he does not quite know. He knows he rose from the grave, he knows he’s been born from above, but it takes the Son to reveal him. Soon after comes his ascension. The resurrection and the ascension are two entirely different events. But the Son must come first and call him Father. There is no uncertainty in the mind of the one who faces David as to who he is and the relationship between the two.

So my friend had the most glorious experience. I can’t thank her enough for sharing it with us. So her journey is complete. She is just about to fall upon her lover and her lover is God, the only God. As they touch Imagining Creates Reality 415 they will fuse, and she and he are one, they aren’t two anymore, fulfilling scripture, the end of the 2nd chapter of Genesis (verse 24): “And he will leave everything and cleave to his wife until they become one, one flesh.” And so the whole command is to God. So I say to her, when you went out with the young man, the new husband, you seemed to have disobeyed, but do you know, you did not disobey for “God consigned all men to disobedience that he may have mercy upon all” (Rom. 8:20). How would I know a God of mercy were it not that I had been unmerciful and disobedient? So he consigns me to disobedience that he may have mercy upon me and show me who he is.

So she starts off with five in the journey, and five is the number of grace. Grace is God’s gift of himself to man, unearned, unmerited grace, grace and still more grace. So five is grace. You can say they are the five senses…you’re going into the world. But here, the number is important. Not the years, the months put behind it, just the number, so here grace. And after that horrible journey both ways to discover it was only four days, only as long as I wore the cross. That’s only as long as I wear the cross. Then the day comes that I am one with the Father…I am the Father, and I take off the cross. The journey is over; forever and forever I am one with the being of love, infinite love, and he is God the Father.

So tonight, you take it and try it on this level. The Promise is coming. No one will keep you from the Promise. The Promise is coming and it’s unearned, unmerited, can’t earn it. So live it fully in this world and apply the law towards everything you want in this world. Dare to assume you are now the one that you want to be, and sleep as though it were true. Sleep in that assumption and see in the not distant future the world changing itself and reshuffling itself to conform to that assumption. I promise you it will work.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Are there any questions, please?

Q: You said man is known by the female dependents. Is that true in interpreting the Bible where it says that about women who are in the…

A: It is true in the Bible, true here in the world of Caesar. Show me a man’s female dependents, let me talk with his female dependents and they’ll tell me of that man. He shouldn’t have male dependents if they’re grown. But beginning with his mother, his wife, his daughters, even if they’re married and have someone to support them, show me what he considers his female dependents and I’ll tell you about that man. Woman is a precious thing in the eyes of man…she should be. There’s something in man, I mean a real man that is protective towards woman. You don’t find it in a primitive land, you don’t find it where they treat them as animals and they carry all the burdens. But I’m speaking when man is on the way back. In this case he picked her up and carried her as she fell and bruised her head. Who? The ancient one did, and he became younger and younger and younger, the perfect man. It was God. That was God, the eternal youth. He’s eternity—not an ancient, decrepit being. He’s life! And woman is a treasure in the eye of the true man. Won’t get into that tonight…